New York’s Mosaic Curriculum Is Shrouded in Mystery. The Time to Protest is Now

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New York’s Mosaic Curriculum Is Shrouded in Mystery. The Time to Protest is Now
New York’s “Universal Mosaic Curriculum” has a reading list that includes books written to facilitate the indoctrination of young people into the racial and “gender” perspectives of the radical left.

The New York City public schools are developing a new “Universal Mosaic Curriculum.” The program was announced in July 2021. It’s scheduled to be implemented in 2023.

They are burning through quite a lot of money to develop it. The New York Post reported that the budget is $202 million. According to the New York Daily News, the new administration of Mayor Eric Adams “prioritized continuing the development of a citywide curricular framework.” In politician-speak, that means that work on Mosaic will continue. The head of the New York City teachers’ union, Michael Mulgrew, is all for it.

New York City has the largest school system in the nation–roughly 1,600 schools and over a million students. Therefore, ideas that take root in New York City tend to spread to schools nationwide.

Why the Mystery?

It is almost impossible for an outsider to get any substantial information about the Mosaic curriculum. It is shrouded in mystery. The official website is password protected. The NYC school administrators undoubtedly know about the trouble California encountered when they released a draft of their “Ethnic Studies” curriculum.

The only information on the New York City Department of Education’s (NYCDOE) website consists of platitudes.

“The NYCDOE seeks to bring the mosaic of our students’ experiences together as we develop a student-centered curriculum that reflects the depth of content standards and draws out the assets of our diverse students, which are essential to our students achieving excellence.”

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However, some fascinating bits and pieces are beginning to come out in the form of its recommended reading lists. Those reading lists include books written to facilitate the indoctrination of young people into the racial and “gender” perspectives of the radical left.

“Conversations” About Race

One of these books is titled Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race. Social Justice Books calls it “the book we’ve been waiting for!”

Among other things, Our Skin describes the history of race.

“A long time ago, way before you were born, a group of white people made up an idea called race. They sorted people by skin color and said that white people were better, smarter, prettier and that they deserve more than everybody else…. When people believe this untrue story about race, that’s called racism.

“Racism is also the things people do and the unfair rules they make about race so that white people get more power, and are treated better….”

It concludes by showering accolades on protestors, specifically those of Black Lives Matter. The last bit of advice to the children is that they can also be part of the protests.

The New York Post spoke with “Brooklyn parent leader,” Vito LaBella. He summed up the text in one word, “inflammatory.” Then, he continued, “That page alone in my mind is just preaching hate.” The specific page to which Mr. LaBella referred is not specified, but there are several good candidates in this book, presumably about acceptance and understanding.

Propaganda Concerning LGBT

Laden as Our Skin is with “woke” rhetoric; it is a lightweight compared to What You Don’t Know: A Story of a Liberated Childhood by Anastasia Higginbotham. Its intended audience is ten- and eleven-year-olds.

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The main character is a prototype for the ideal leftist child. Demetrius refers to himself as “queer,” although the book gives few indications about how he came to that conclusion. His black father and white mother are apparently cordial but do not live together, so Demetrius has two homes.

The book spends several pages talking about how happy Demetrius is in the company of his accepting parents. He also has several “queer” and “gay” compatriots within his school, including a friend, the librarian, and his counselor. They provide him with “safe” spaces, designated by a rainbow flag on the door.

Even so, Demetrius is troubled that some people do not accept him or his compatriots. His issues are that “they make laws against us, call us evil, try to convert us!” Then he muses about those who aren’t loved at home as he is.

“Woke” Anti-Christian Doctrines

Then, Demetrius’s mother takes him to Church. Demetrius is unimpressed. With a statue of the Blessed Mother and a rack of glowing candles behind him, he muses, “Churches can preach all they want about love—the only thing that I feel when I’m here is shame.”

While his mother kneels in prayer, he daydreams. His “spirit floats” up to the ceiling of the Church. While floating, he meets Jesus and begins a blasphemous exchange.

Demetrius expresses his doubts, asking Jesus if Jesus minds that Demetrius does not believe in him.

“It’s my job to believe in you, and I do,” comes the comforting response.

“So we’re cool?”


Then Demetrius waxes theological. “Are there other gods beside you?”

The answer is right out of the “New Age” handbook. “Divinity is everywhere, in everyone and everything.”

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

Demetrius asks if Jesus will punish the people who hate him. The politically correct response encourages all to love and be loved. Demetrius points to a figure resembling Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and says, “Even—?” Yes, even the evil Republican can be loved.

As Church ended, a woman approached Demetrius’s mother. Judgmentally, the woman chastises Demetrius’s behavior and tells his mother that there is no place for him in Heaven and that Demetrius should dress like a boy.

Subsequently, Demetrius’s mother tells his father that she is sorry the incident happened and assures them that she can find God without going to Church.

There is more–much more in the book’s seventy-plus pages.

Need for Continued Vigilance

Of course, the leftists love What You Don’t Know: A Story of a Liberated Childhood. The feminist publication Ms. Magazine lists it as one of “Fifteen Books for Kids that Prove You Can Be a Feminist at Any Age.” The School Library Journal emotes, “Most children, gay or not, in or out, are sure to find themselves within these pages. The message that ‘all you need is to be you’ will stay with readers long after the last page, in a book for LGBTQIA+ collections and beyond.”

Parents nationwide, but especially those in New York, should keep a close watch on the “Universal Mosaic Curriculum.” As implementation time draws close, the NYCDOE will need to release more information to its employees. Despite the most diligent attempts to keep it confidential, some of that information will leak. The pieces are fitting together and the resulting mosaic starting to form is horrific.

Sooner or later, the school officials must let the parents and taxpayers see the whole picture. Brooklyn parent leader Vito LaBella is right. The time to start protesting is now.

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