Mugged By Reality: Invoking Satan on the Steps of Washington State’s Capitol

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Mugged By Reality: Invoking Satan on the Steps of Washington State’s Capitol
Mugged By Reality: Invoking Satan on the Steps of Washington State’s Capitol

On March 6, 2020, at the Washington State Capitol in Olympia, the Satanic Temple of Washington (STW) solemnly invoked Satan as part of a ceremony that was authorized by the state’s elected officials.

After marching in to the beat of a bass drum, some twenty STW members in full satanic ceremonial regalia invoked Satan, who the Bible calls the father of lies (John 8:44), on the steps of the state capitol building. Crying out three times and raising their hands in a gesture forming the horns of the devil, they conspicuously made the invocation. Such ceremonies are part of their efforts to mainstream Satanism in America. They have already secured their “legitimization” by obtaining recognition from the Internal Revenue Service as a “religion.”

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Following the pathetic display on the Capitol steps, they filed inside to form a circle in the main hall and make the same demonic gestures and invocation. Such antics can aptly be termed “pathetic” since as an angel who fell from grace because of his prideful revolt against God, all Satan’s efforts are futile. Satan is the eternal loser.

Fortunately, scores of America Needs Fatima members, friends and supporters were there to protest this infamous act. While the satanists were invoking Satan, the protesters were calling upon the names of Jesus and Mary, Saint Michael and the Holy Angels and Saints against this outrage in the sight of God. They prayed the rosary to make prayerful reparation on behalf of the nation.

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At no time in American history have government officials allowed such dark ceremonies in legislative buildings. These invocations are so contrary to American values, institutions, religious convictions and family life. The satanist philosophy aims to eradicate all vestiges that remain of Christian heritage. In so doing, these efforts would remove all hope for a return to sanity for the nation.

The mainstreaming of Satanism is growing as those who follow the dark sect appear in the public square. Catholics cannot turn a blind eye to such outrages, hoping they will go away. This would only be cowardice and an offense to God.

The reaction must be in proportion to the evil. When satanists invoke Satan on the steps of a state Capitol, it is a wake-up call to protest and do something about it. The policy of ceding a little in order not to lose all is short-sighted. Those who embrace such a policy end up losing everything.

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The kind of noble reaction needed, calls to mind the commentary of Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira in his great work Revolution and Counter-Revolution who wrote:

“When men resolve to cooperate with the grace of God, the marvels of history are worked: the conversion of the Roman Empire; the formation of the Middle Ages; the reconquest of Spain, starting from Covadonga; all the events that result from the great resurrections of soul of which peoples are also capable. These resurrections are invincible, because nothing can defeat a people that is virtuous and truly loves God.”

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