The Wrong March for Marriage

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The Wrong March for MarriageAs the Supreme Court deliberated upon the same-sex “marriage” issue this March 26, two groups of protesters converged upon Washington to make their views known. Among the many present on the pro-family side was a large contingent from the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), the youth of the Saint Louis de Montfort Academy and the TFP marching band.

If the national media are to be believed, the two demonstrations should have been a classic clash of cultures. On one side — supposedly on the side of history, one would expect to find a numerous throng composed of “oppressed” racial and other minorities, civil rights activists and youth. On the other, expect to find an entrenched minority, the rich and the upscale establishment intent upon holding on to power.

This clash did not take place. In fact, anyone who approached the pro-family March for Marriage might conclude that this was the wrong march. Something was seriously wrong with the media script. It seems all the people the media say should be supporting same-sex marriage are on the pro-family side.

To begin with, just look at the numbers. The pro-marriage throng of well over five thousand clearly outnumbered the 500 or so same-sex “marriage” advocates that lined the sidewalk near the Supreme Court. The pro-homosexual tide that supposedly has turned did not turn up.

The next striking impression of the pro-marriage crowd was its diversity. There were huge numbers of African Americans who stood for marriage and March for Marriage Washington, D.C.felt insulted that some sought to equate marriage “equality” to civil rights. There were Hispanics and other ethnic “oppressed” minorities who came out in large numbers dispelling the idea that this bloc is a natural ally of the same-sex “marriage” crowd.

And the youth? Plenty of youths of all ages and races. Students, teenagers, boys, girls, infants all were well represented and gave a refreshing tone to the whole affair and indicating that traditional marriage has a future.

Mainstream America was also present as people from all over the country traveled incredible distances to be present. One could find families of all ages and people from all walks of life who felt the need to be present to defend March for Marriage, Kids Do Best With a Mom and Dadmarriage. The throng at the March for Marriage was truly a cross section of the nation. The group reflected profoundly religious and vast sectors of the American public who see this development as a sin and affront to God. The atmosphere at the march was calm, prayerful and orderly.

On the other side, the contrary was true. The media can spin it any way they wish but the pro-same-sex “marriage” group could not claim the same diversity. This group was predominately white, upscale and twenty or thirty-something in age—hardly mainstream. There were few children or families present. The crowd included some university students, celebrities from the liberal establishment or those who have taken to the latest trend of showing how spineless they are by changing (or “evolving”) their principles on marriage because “everyone else is doing it.”

Most disturbing about this mob was their irreverent attitude toward what America holds sacred. They were aggressive, angry and in-your-face. Some jumped the police line separating the two groups mixed in the pro-family crowd and engaged in behavior which was provocative. Some of their signs made religious references that were clearly blasphemous and offensive to Christians. When the National Anthem was played by the TFP marching band, the pro-same-sex “marriage” demonstrators did not stop to show respect for the flag flying before them but only screamed their slogans all the louder at the pro-family marchers. One demonstrator showed his “tolerance” by destroying a pro-marriage sign.

This was definitely a clash of cultures on the steps of the Supreme Court. But the media got the scripting and the casting all wrong. In this particular case, the same old liberal establishment came out for same-sex “marriage” as they always do. Likewise, mainstream America turned out for God and family — and, despite setbacks, are on the winning side of history.

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