Man Cannot Alter the Order that God Has Put in the Universe – 1975

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Man Cannot Alter the Order that God Has Put in the Universe - 1975

There has been a great deal of controversy over the subject of abortion. For the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP), and for those of good will, represented in the so many anti-abortion movements and leagues, there is nothing to discuss. To argue about it would be the same as to argue whether we would be better off without the sun, or whether we ought to live under water or on dry land, or whether it is the children who should educate their parents or the parents who should educate their children, or whether it is the superiors who should obey their inferiors, or the inferiors who should obey their superiors, etc.

The prohibition of abortion, like some other commands which touch on the universal order established, not by us, but by the Creator of all things, man has no right even to dispute.

Abortion violates the universal order created by God, Who established the right to life as a fundamental right of man. No convenience of economics or politics, social consideration, question of health or other problem can justify an attempt against that universal order.

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Man is a rational animal. On being created, at the moment of his conception as man, he receives a soul from God which is made to the image and likeness of his Creator. To our way of thinking, it matters little whether God infuses the soul into man in the act of conception or later, because whether it be sooner of later, abortion is an interference with the plan of God, and as such is a most grave sin. On generating a soul, God performs on of His greatest miracles, for He gives rise to the highest form of life – the spirit. And man is called to participate in the Divine life itself, through the life of grace. This the Catholic Church teaches us.

How, then, can one go contrary to this marvelous order of things set up by God? To do this, is to oppose God Himself and His Works.

Here, we could into a thousand details, demonstrating in all the pseudo-debatable cases connected with abortion, how in each of them its advocates fall into fundamental errors. We could also cite Popes, Doctors of the Church, moral authorities, in addition to medical and civil authorities, all of them demonstrating the enormous disorder that abortion is for the one who has it done, the doctors who perform it, the society which permits it and the state which legalizes it. But all of this has been treated and demonstrated exhaustively by the various anti-abortion movements in our country and all over the world. Crusade for a Christian Civilization speaking for the TFP has already printed a most comprehensive, profound succinct analysis of the problem. (June 1973).

It is no longer a question here of proving a truth, but rather a of joining our voices to those others, who will not admit that the order of things established by God in the universe be questioned.

Whoever accepts abortion is against this universal order in which we are creatures and not the Creator, or which we are followers and not the Ruler. To accept abortion is to challenge God, One and Triune, Lord of all things. It is to cry out with Lucifer, the eternal rebel, against Him and all the marvelous, hierarchical and sacral order with which He has disposed all things.

We of the TFP cry out with St. Michael against those who defend abortion: Quis ut Deus!

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