Keeping up the Pressure:

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With all the uproar about the abuse scandals, it seems unbelievable that an open sacrilegious scandal continues at the Diocesan Museum of Vienna, Dommuseum, just across the street from the city’s magnificent Saint Stephen’s Cathedral.

The blasphemous exhibit, titled: “Religion, Flesh and Power, ” caused an uproar around Holy Week with its explicit portrayal of Our Lord and the Apostles at the Last Supper in the midst of a homosexual orgy. When this item of the exhibit was removed, many concluded the scandal had stopped.

However, other blasphemous portrayals continue on display including a naked crucifix and a scene of Our Lord’s scourging, in which a naked torturer performs an unspeakable act on His Body.

The “artist” is a self-avowed Marxist painter and sculptor named Alfred Hrdlicka.

Since the offensive display continues, the American TFP website joins with its sister organization in Austria and asks its e-subscribers to keep up the pressure, respectfully protesting to the museum once again, asking it to put an end to this shameful and sacrilege.

Join forces now with Austrian Catholics! Let museum director Bernhard Böhler know (while firm, always be courteous) that American Catholics across the Atlantic will not stand for such blasphemy in a diocesan museum!

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