July 30 – Lincoln, East Providence, and Warwick, Rhode Island

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Today, we held three campaigns in Lincoln, East Providence and Meadowbrook, RI. The support for traditional marriage continues strong.

The forecast called for rain in the morning and scattered thunderstorms all afternoon, and sure enough, as we approached the town of Woonsocket we ran into a thunderstorm. However, as we scouted the town in a vain attempt to locate a busy intersection, the clouds broke and the sun began to shine. We decided to campaign at the nearby Lincoln Mall. The sun shone brightly for the rest of the day, without a single drop of rain.

As we were walking to the intersection for the first campaign, the horns were already honking. The reaction in the first few minutes set the tone for what turned out to be a very good day, especially the second campaign.

July 30 - Lincoln, East Providence, and Warwick, Rhode Island

If the support from some of the other campaigns were a chorus of honks, the campaign held in East Providence at times seemed like a whole orchestra. It was almost non-stop. If there were cars, there were honks. We have gained a special attachment to truck horns. One pulled his chord all through the intersection. The next truck to cross the intersection also sounded his bull horn. Needless to say, it was infectious and created quite a stir.

A diverting note today was the support from children. A school bus full of children passed by and many of them waved and gave us the thumbs up with smiles on their faces. Several times, we witnessed at least five boys reach over to the steering wheel to honk the horn in our support.

A city bus full of passengers stopped at a red light. The driver happily leaned on her horn almost the entire red light. When her light turned green, she passed us with a big smile and gave us the thumbs up. The passengers immediately behind her were also smiling.


A woman stopped right in the middle of the intersection and yelled that “everyone deserves equal rights.” Avoiding any hint of an altercation, I merely reminded her that she was blocking the traffic and should clear the way. She left and I turned to the others waiting for their light. I got a few honks and a man said to a TFP volunteer, “You guys have a lot of guts. Keep up the good job.”

Throughout the day, we learned that the story of the assault against us in Warwick, RI on July 27th, was making its rounds in the news. We received numerous calls requesting interviews. So, during the campaign, many times, we had one man less. The TFP volunteers would step aside and answer questions over the phone. Often, the reporter had to ask the person to move to a quieter location because the honks were disrupting the interview.

The amount of support has not yet made the news; the assault however is getting coverage. Today, we learned through the Providence Journal that the Warwick police have made the arrests. All four suspects were apprehended.

As always, the support is very encouraging. Please keep praying for the campaign. Ask St. Joseph, Pillar of the Family, to continue to bless Rhode Island and make of it a bulwark for traditional marriage.

St. Joseph, Pillar of the Family, pray for us.
St. Gabriel, pray for us.

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