July 27 – Downtown Watertown, New York

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Today we campaigned in the tiny city of Watertown in the center square. No sooner had we started than a lady sticking half her body out of an upstairs apartment began yelling out against us. So much of her body was hanging out at one moment we thought she might fall.

The public was very supportive and both the local news station (Channel 7) and the local paper (Watertown Daily Times) came out to do interviews and take pictures.

July 27 - Downtown Watertown, New York

Watch the video from Fox Channel 7

Rome, NY

The afternoon campaign began with a honking of horns that was so loud we could barely hear each other as we said our customary prayers to begin. It was one of our better campaigns so far and very epic. We weren’t there for more than 20 minutes before we had 4 aggressions against us.


One man stood in the Walgreens parking lot across the street and screamed at us, making immoral gestures the whole time. He later got into the passenger seat of his vehicle and as he passed our campaign he threw an egg at Mr. Charles Sulzen. I had my back turned, but when I looked around to see the remains of the egg on the sidewalk, another car with two lesbians threw a glass of soda out the window which almost hit me, landing at my feet. As I looked out into the intersection, dozens of cars were honking their horns in defense of traditional marriage while others screamed obscenities. The wind was blowing in our faces and the scene before our eyes was quite exhilarating. We didn’t know where the next projectile would come from. It was all we could do to acknowledge the support of the public yet be vigilant for the next aggression.

Suddenly, the man who had thrown the egg came around for another pass. What he did not see was a police car stopped at the light on our side of the road. I quickly informed the officer what they had just done. When the light changed, they passed through the intersection and the man stuck his head out the window and began screaming at us. The policeman promptly told him to shut up, and the man’s face turn white as a sheet when he saw him.

It wasn’t long before two lesbians drove by. They were forced to stop at the red light but when it changed the one in the passenger seat heaved a huge glass full of water out the window which also landed at our feet.


St. Joseph Terror of the Demons,
Pray for us!

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