July 25 – Watertown, New York

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Today we did a lunch time campaign in one of the more northern cities of NY. As usual the support was very good. The most significant thing about today’s campaign was the addition of a new sign which the public either loved or hated. The sign reads:

CBS Poll, 60% of New Yorkers Support Traditional Marriage

July 25 - Watertown, New York

I had the privilege of holding this sign and took a special delight of proclaiming out loud, when someone honked in support, “another New Yorker who supports Traditional Marriage.”

Below is some of the news coverage from the campaign.

Contact the Caravan

To contact the caravan, email them at [email protected]

How to Support the Caravan

If you want to help protect the sacred institution of marriage, please consider filling our van’s gas tank with fuel and keep us on the road for traditional marriage.

If you would like to make your contribution by mail, please send a check payable to The American TFP and mail it to:

The American TFP
P.O. Box 251
Spring Grove, PA 17362.

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