July 23 – Bangor, Maine

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Today we traveled almost two and a half hours to Bangor, one of Maine’s larger cities. Once again, we hardly began when we got our first honks. It was a good harbinger–for the most part.

We are beginning to employ other methods of getting people to honk. Despite the many honks, there are still a good portion of passers-by who only show their support with a thumbs-up or a hand wave. Speaking to them, especially when their windows are down, is proving very effective. We would say things on the line of: “Push it!” “Lean on it!” “Let me hear it for traditional marriage!” A circular hand signal telling them to keep it coming is also effective.
July 23 - Bangor, MaineThis time around, we were close enough to the cars to have conversations with people. Each one is unique. One man asked Mr. Francisco Saidl if we were getting a lot of honks. He said yes. The man said; “Not like mine” and leaned on his horn for a second or two.

A father and son were waiting for their turn signal and were talking about the campaign. When a TFP member turned to them with his sign, the father started telling his son all the reasons why traditional marriage is good. He was obviously using the campaign as an opportunity to teach his son some moral lessons. Needless to say, as they drove off he leaned on his horn and his son had a big smile on his face.

Although it is cherry season in Maine (and we have enjoyed a few ourselves) our life is not a bowl of cherries. Four people threw objects at us today, the most in a single day so far. One woman in a rage tried spraying a TFP member with Kool-Aid.

Unfortunately, one pro-homosexual hit a TFP member square on the stomach with a one-liter water bottle. Thanks be to God, it didn’t cause any physical harm, but the intent was clear. We called the police and filed a report, but decided not to press charges.

A local TFP friend joined us for a whole hour. He served our country in the Vietnam War and continues to serve our country by supporting the campaign.

All in all, it was a very good campaign, perhaps the most honks we’ve gotten so far.

As we wrapped up, putting our signs and standards away, a young man with tattoos all over his body drove right next to our van and asked if he could sign the petition drive. We told him we weren’t collecting petitions but he stayed a while to talk. He trains in Mixed Martial Arts and he and his friends are fighting to revoke laws against MMA in Maine. “But,” he told us, “This is much more important than MMA. In fact, it’s one of the most important things we can do right now. This [same-sex “marriage”] concerns me more than anything.”

While we were talking with him, three school girls in dresses approached us to thank us personally for the campaign. All the while the honks kept coming, despite having put away all the signs already. The support seems unending.

We ask for your continued prayers. Tomorrow, we head for Rhode Island. Hopefully, they’ll receive our campaign with the same enthusiasm.

St. Joseph, Pillar of the Family, pray for us.
St. Gabriel, pray for us.

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