July 23 – Auburn, New York

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Auburn, NY

We did two campaigns in the area. The first was downtown for a very short time. We then relocated to a shopping area outside the city.

A police officer came out and spoke to us. He was very favorable and took a flier. There were so many honks while he was there it was hard to hear him.

July 23 - Auburn, New York

One lady did not agree with us. As she passed through the intersection she rolled down her window and made probably the most superficial argument I have heard yet for homosexual “marriage.” “If you’re happy you’re happy”, she said, “who cares if it is two guys.”

Syracuse, NY – Carousel Mall


The response was very good here pretty much the way it has been every day. An interesting thing happened as we were leaving. After crossing the road, I looked at a sea of cars waiting to go through the light. It seemed everyone was watching us and they had all seen our signs so they knew what we were doing. One person made an immoral gesture at me so I decided to take advantage of the captive audience. I cupped both my hands around my ears as if to say “I can’t hear you.” I suddenly felt like the conductor of a magnificent orchestra. What seemed like a dozen cars began honking in unison, which infuriated the man who did not like us. When they stopped honking, I once again put both hands up to my ears and once again everyone honked, smiling all while.

As we entered the gas station parking lot where we left our van, a car load of girls gave us a thumbs-down. Right behind them was a black woman filling her tank.

“If I was inside my car”, she said with a big smile, “I would honk also.”

Moments later she entered her car and much to the chagrin of the thumbs-down girls she laid on her horn as she was pulling away.


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