July 21 – Rochester area, New York

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Henrietta NY (South of Rochester NY)
From the moment we arrived at our campaign site in front of the local mall people began to manifest their support and kept it up the entire time.
July 21 - Rochester area, New York

Peter Shibler was handing out fliers to people stopped at the traffic light. One man who did not like the campaign scowled at him.

“You had better get the **** out of here”, he said, “or I will stab you where you stand.” Mr. Peter continued distributing flyers to the rest of cars and upon his return he wisely photographed the man’s license plate with his cell phone camera. The man became very nervous and pulled up but there was no place he could go.

A young man who lives in Rochester, but studies at Catholic University in Washington D.C. approached Charles Sulzen. He saw us several times at the March for Life in Washington, and was attracted to the campaign by the sound of so many people honking and the sight of the large, red TFP standards he remembered from the March. When he arrived he received a good dose of a TFP campaign. The division of waters was apparent in the number of honks and the occasional bad gestures and expletives.

“Wow, you get a little bit of everything” he said.

It wasn’t long before he discreetly removed his name tag, which indicated his place of employment. Nevertheless, he stayed with us for a long time, enjoying just being out there amidst a TFP campaign.

“You see such things downtown”, he said, commenting on the scene, “but you never see anyone doing it here.”


Greece, NY (North of Rochester)
In the afternoon we had what was probably the best campaign yet at a very busy and loud intersection in Greece, NY.

It wasn’t long before we had another “counter-protest” with three young women holding signs with a message that was almost impossible to read from more than a few feet away. They occupied one of the corners where Mr. Matthew Taylor was located and quickly moved to the opposite corner because of their inability to compete, or shall I say, endure the amount of support we were receiving.

Whenever we would give a flier to someone stopped at the light we would ask them to lay on their horn through the intersection which always produced a look of almost child-like delight. They seemed happy to be involved in the campaign in some small way.

Those in opposition were forced to swallow an almost non-stop barrage of honking horns, and their insults were drowned in the noise it created. At one point I was walking back across the street after handing fliers to some cars at the intersection when I heard someone yell out, “Hit him, hit him.”

Towards the end of the campaign two police cars arrived. The officer I spoke with was very polite and simply informed us of the traffic laws. Before leaving, Mr. Charles Sulzen spoke with them and apologized for any trouble we might have caused. They were very kind and said we caused no problem.

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