July 20 – Queens, New York

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This morning we campaigned for true marriage at a busy intersection in Queens, New York. Immediately after we prayed our customary prayer, three Hail Marys and invocations to Saint Michael and Saint Joseph, our caravan patron, the positive honks started ringing out. There’s a noticeable pattern to the way New Yorkers honk. Usually, it’s a rapid succession of honks with brief pauses separating each blast of the horn. There’s nothing shy about it.

Pro-homosexual advocate uses physical violence against TFP volunteer

The campaign signs and banners were extremely visible at the huge intersection. But after a while, a cluster of 7 or 8 pro-homosexual thugs arrived to taunt and provoke us. They asked questions, but did not wait for a response. They did not want answers. Whenever a TFP volunteer spoke, the ringleader would say: “I’m not finished speaking. I will let you know when you can speak.” Unfortunately, their minds were closed to what we had to say and it quickly became apparent that they wanted to cause us harm.

July 20 - Queens, New York

Approaching Mr. Michael Shibler from behind, the ringleader roughly grabbed his camera and said sarcastically: “Here, let me help you!” Mr. Shibler instinctively pulled his camera away. At this point, the pro-homosexual aggressor raised his voice and yelled: “Here, let me hold your sign!” Again, Mr. Shibler turned away. But the man followed him and attempted to embrace him, saying: “Let me give you a hug!” Mr. Shibler responded firmly: “No, get away from me,” and blocked the indecent advance with his arms, which sent the man’s cell phone tumbling to the ground.

“Pick up my phone,” demanded the pro-homosexual aggressor. Mr. Shibler declined to do so and someone else offered to pick up his phone, but he objected, saying: “No, I want him to pick it up.”

The power of the Rosary

At this the point, the aggressor ripped the pro-family sign out of Mr. Shibler’s hands and threw it into the street. The air was tense of course. But Our Lady inspired us to start praying the Rosary. As soon as we started praying, the group of pro-homosexual individuals did not know how to respond and found themselves powerless in face of prayer. Not only did the Rosary bring order to the sidewalk but other people who were passing by stopped to defend the TFP volunteers and rebuke the troublemakers.

A young man with a “don’t-mess-with-me” attitude placed himself between our banner and the pro-homosexual group and said: “They (TFP) have the right to be here. And according to New York law, what you did was an assault.” We noticed that he was wearing a Rosary around his neck and was ready to defend us in case the situation escalated. The pro-homosexual cluster left making the most lewd comments and insults.

Moments later, a police car arrived and asked for details of what had happened. “If they come back,” said the officer, “call me.”

One of the local America Needs Fatima Rosary Rally captains who kindly received us in her home stopped by to give us moral support. She also prepared some delicious meals for us. May God reward her.

Later in the afternoon, we went to another busy intersection. By the end of the campaign, people from a residential neighborhood nearby started coming out of their houses. They couldn’t figure out why so many people were honking until they saw our signs: “Honk for traditional marriage!” One of the gentlemen said: “My kids can’t sleep because there so much honking. I assured him that the campaign was ending and his children would be able to get some rest.

Thank you for your prayers. May Saint Joseph protect our nation from the homosexual revolution.

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