July 18 – Buffalo, New York

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July 18 - Buffalo, New York

Clarence NY (Northeast of Buffalo) 2 different locations, Cheektowaga NY (West of downtown Buffalo) 1 location.

KOA Campaign

Before leaving for campaign John Miller was asked by a couple staying in the next KOA cabin to ours what we are doing. They were enthusiastic to know about our traditional marriage campaign.

“We were just having a discussion about this with our daughter last night”, she said. “I get too excited with the issue so it is good that people like you are out their doing this work”. They asked for a handful of fliers to distribute to their friends in southern Virginia where they live.

Flying Deer

As we drove to this first campaign site Mr. John Miller noticed something bizarre on the right hand side of the highway. A deer ran onto the road and literally jumped over a car as it was driving down the highway and was now about to cross our path. Mr. John put on his brakes in time to avert a catastrophe allowing the deer to pass across the median. We had just finished our prayers to St. Michael and were beginning our first rosary of the day. I could not help but sense the protection of Our Lady and St. Michael.

We arrived at the campaign site and before we even put our capes on, or showed any signs of being TFP, a car drove by and the driver honked, giving us a thumbs up. The only thing I could figure out is that they saw us in Jamestown which is 1½ hours south of Buffalo.

Rotten Eggs

As we were campaigning on a very busy corner we looked over our shoulder just as two women threw several rotten eggs which splattered on the parking lot right behind the TFP standard. As they ran back to their car which was concealed on the opposite side of the building Mr. Charles Sulzen wisely followed and got their license plate number and make of car.


Moments later the same car stopped at the red light right in front of us giving Mr. Charles the chance to photograph their car license with his cell phone. As he was doing this the woman in the driver seat began tossing more eggs, one after another, in his direction. We then called the police who came and took all the information and confirmed the address of the person and the make of their car. Although what they did was not, according the police, considered an assault, the officer in charge said he would be sending a police car to visit the house of the person.

“I Can’t Believe what I see”

One very picturesque black lady stopped at the light and tooted her horn in support. She then looked at us with a smile and although she was alone in her car she kept shaking her head and speaking to herself (she was not on a blue tooth either). Then she started honking and proclaiming. It seemed to me by her gestures and her attitude that she was experiencing a “I can’t believe what I see” moment.

Another car drove by with a couple who held up a sign showing their support. “Just married” it said.

And the most enthusiastic response of the morning campaign came from a woman in a yellow SUV. She didn’t just honk her horn, she laid on it during the time it took for the light to change. It is worth pointing out that the lights where we were campaigning take forever to change. Like the black woman above, she began screaming for joy at the sight of the TFP campaign.


“You guys are God-sent”

One car full of people stopped at the light during our afternoon campaign. A man in the back seat asked, “What do you get out of the honk signs?” Mr. Alvaro Zapata responded, “It helps us to see what the public thinks about the issue. The media will tell you one thing but the honks tell another story.” After hearing the answer they immediately honked the horn several times.

Mr. Peter Shibler was standing next to Mr. Charles Sulzen, who was playing his bagpipes, when a black gentleman approached. He was enthusiastic with the campaign and exclaimed, “You guys are God-sent,” then pointing to the TFP members on the opposite side of the street he quickly added, “tell ’em all that I said that.”

As we were getting into the van after having done three campaigns we heard screams coming from the opposite side of a very big intersection. It was some women yelling insulting obscenities. Little did they know the pleasure they gave us at the end of a long day of otherwise overwhelming support. There is nothing like being scorned for defending the truth.

After the evening mass we attended in downtown Buffalo, a man approached us and asked if we were seminarians. When Mr. Caleb Petrone told him what we are doing he thanked us for our work and gave us a donation for gas.

Contact the Caravan

To contact the caravan, email them at [email protected]

How to Support the Caravan

If you want to help protect the sacred institution of marriage, please consider filling our van’s gas tank with fuel and keep us on the road for traditional marriage.

If you would like to make your contribution by mail, please send a check payable to The American TFP and mail it to:
The American TFP
P.O. Box 251
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