Is Same-Sex “Marriage” Settled Law? 4,223 Rallies Say No!

Is Same-Sex “Marriage” Settled Law? 4,223 Rallies Say No!When the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its infamous Obergefell decision approving same-sex “marriage,” activists hoped that the matter would be settled. However, it appears the contrary has happened. Over 4,223 rallies held nationwide on March 19 registered a loud No! to those who would undermine the institution of marriage.

“One man and one woman equals God’s marriage,” read the banners at the rallies. This spectacular display in defense of God’s marriage did not get much coverage in the media. It did however mark the landscape of the country as tens of thousands of Americans witnessed these brave defenders of marriage who made it a point to pray in the public square for the nation, marriage and the family.

The rallies are a project of the America Needs Fatima campaign, a group of Catholics dedicated to spreading Our Lady of Fatima’s message. The idea of the rallies is to bring the fight for America’s heart and soul to the public square by inviting Catholics to pray publicly for the nation. On a designated day, groups of five, ten, fifty or hundreds will gather at conspicuous locations with a large banner to pray the rosary and clearly bear witness to Church teaching.

Thus, the Saint Joseph traditional marriage rallies started a few years ago at a few hundred locations. Far from diminishing with the advance of the homosexual agenda, the movement has gained momentum as it becomes obvious that public officials have ignored popular votes and forced same-sex “marriage” down the throat of the nation through judicial fiat. Rally participants take their case to a higher court by proclaiming that when all human solutions appear unlikely, the only recourse is to appeal to God and His Blessed Mother.March for Traditional Marriage

This March 19, the movement saw unprecedented growth with a tally of 4,223 rallies from every state and major city. It is nearly double the number recorded last March.

“This is the real America,” says America Needs Fatima director Robert Ritchie. “These people are passionate and fearless. This issue is not going away. They are convinced of the righteousness of their cause. They will not back down.”

Those participating in the rallies sense an immense satisfaction in their public witness together with others. Best of all, they know they are not holding just one rally, but rather are a dynamic part of thousands of others. By being out there in the public square, pro-family Americans feel they finally have a voice and are not alone.

In addition, rally participants have been pleasantly surprised by the incredible amount of support, the honks and applause of the passersby who cannot believe there are people publicly defending traditional marriage. Participants also are victims of occasional acts of hateful violence in the form of invectives and thrown objects by “tolerant” individuals. Such feeble and cowardly opposition only strengthens their resolve.

The same-sex “marriage” debate is far from over. There are 4,223 proofs that it continues. Participants know that by joining in these rallies, they accept the invitation to defend God’s cause and be on the right side of history.

Traditional Marriage Crusade Caravan - God's Marriage - One Man, One Woman

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