Imagining No Atheists in Topeka

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The day of the April monthly Public Square Rosary was dark and threatening. That did not stop 25 devotees of Our Lady to show up to offer a public rosary in reparation for a sign that has been placed on a public billboard in Topeka, Kansas.

This sign says, “Imagine no religion.” These words are taken from the song by John Lennon, which promotes an atheistic Marxist utopianism without religion.

Imagining No Atheists in Topeka

The sign is designed with a kind of stained glass background with the message in large Gothic letters. Below in much smaller letters is the website information about the organization that sponsored this challenge to God, the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The organization’s home page celebrates “protecting the constitutional principle of the separation of state and church.” However, its name, Freedom From Religion, seems to promote more than just separation of church and state.

The local Public Square Rosary organizers believed that it was important to hold the April rosary below the sign to offer public reparation. Reparation is necessary for souls who publicly challenge the authority of God and who try to cause doubt in the minds of others. To do either is a grave sin. Secondly, it is also necessary to offer reparation for a society that allows this kind of sign to be displayed. Thirdly, it is necessary to offer reparation for those who do not care, or, who are not offended by such a sign.

The organizers also wanted to make a public act of faith in God and in the Holy Catholic Church established by Him.

Participants carried signs that read, “I believe in God,” “The fool says in his heart there is no God,” or “I believe in the Holy Catholic Church.” One banner read: “Imagine no religion, try living in North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam or China.”

There were also two identical signs that faced both lanes of traffic that read, “Honk if you believe in God.” During the space of the public rosary hundreds of honks were counted, roughly over 100 per half hour.

At the end of the public rosary, deep and ominous rumblings of thunder could be heard approaching from the distance. Less than one hour after the public rosary, tornado sirens went off all over Topeka.

Mr. Bannell
Mr. Bannell

Rosary participants were most happy to see Mr. Bannell, a rosary captain from last fall. He had been diagnosed several months ago with cancer and was greatly weakened at the time by the chemotherapy. Mr. Bannell had told the organizer several months ago, how much he desired to hold the standard of the TFP.

Mr. Bannell arrived in much better health and to his great happiness his wish was granted. You can see him holding the standard. Please pray for his continued recovery.

Credo in unum Deum – I believe in one God!

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