If You Wish for Peace, Prepare for War

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If You Wish for Peace, Prepare for War

When we see those towering castles of the Middle Ages — erected on the border of Charlemagne’s Empire, on the banks of the Rhine or the Danube, or even along routes within Spain by the troops of the Great Emperor to prevent the advance of the Moors — we have the impression that these castles are still throbbing from the battle! Their stones seem to throb like hearts!

Yet, men do not remember the lesson of foresight that they contain. What is that lesson?

Nobody builds castles when the enemy is attacking. Fortifications are built during the intervals of war.

And since those warriors of the faith were not a bunch of foolish optimists, they built their castles during peacetime in anticipation of future attacks.

These castles were works of peace, but peace geared to war! That is how we, children of the Church Militant, must be like, engaged as we are in the most universal, terrible and holy of all wars, the counter-revolutionary psychological warfare to defend Christian civilization peacefully and legally. Our doctrinal fortifications must be raised in peacetime. This is how we build our combative and splendid castles; in times of peace…but geared to the fight!

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