I Believe in God, Not Nietzsche

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I Believe in God, Not Nietzsche
I Believe in God, Not Nietzsche

Twitching with rage and disbelief, a pro-homosexual student approached one TFP Student Action member and said, “Why are you here? This is a liberal university.” Visibly shaken, he continued: “You’re in the wrong place. People on this campus disagree with you.” To this the TFP member nodded: “Yes, that’s exactly why we came – to let the other side be heard.”

The TFP had gone to George Washington University in Washington, D.C. to defend traditional marriage as part of a continuing effort on college campuses. News of their presence spread like wild fire. Within minutes of their arrival, homosexual activists started gathering to antagonize TFP volunteers and make vain attempts to justify the unjustifiable: homosexual vice. Many sidewalk debates erupted outside the Marvin Center student union building during the event, which lasted two solid hours.

One student insisted that humans are “97% percent animal and since animals do homosexuality, people should do it too.” TFP volunteer James Miller explained how some animals also eat their young. “Should humans eat their young too?” he inquired. Her answer was shocking: “Yes, that sounds pretty cool.”

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Despite the apparently hostile environment, TFP volunteers stood firm and distributed hundreds of Stop Same-Sex “Marriage” fliers. The flier scientifically proves that homosexuality is not natural, genetic or irreversible.

Three quick-witted courageous students from George Washington University joined the campaign. TFP Student Action is very grateful to them for their assistance that truly aided the campaign.

Another liberal student introduced himself as a “devout Catholic” in favor of homosexuality. “If you are a devout Catholic,” TFP Student Action director John Ritchie asked, “could you please tell me what the 6th Commandment is?” After a pause and a blank stare he responded, “uh…I don’t know, I’m not a Bible-thumping Catholic.” He proceeded to explain that the traditional idea of family – father, mother and children – is passe. According to him, the family is whatever one is educated to think it is. When Mr. Ritchie asked, “If you were educated to think that you are a cow, not a human being, would that make you a cow?” he responded, “Yes, I would then be a cow.”

TFP member James Bascom was called a close-minded fool and a brainwashed idiot. Whenever he mentioned serious opinion polls confirming that most Americans oppose same-sex “marriage,” he was told that the majority of Americans are stupid.

The campaign reached a climax when TFP activists peacefully lined up on the sidewalk to pray. As they blessed themselves and began the Hail Mary, a homosexual activist frantically tried to stop them by boisterously yelling: “Oh, I’m sorry, am I interrupting you? You can’t do this! Organized religion is bad!”

When two students asked him what type of anti-Christian dictatorship he wished to impose on America, he muttered an illogical reply and insisted that we had to abide by the philosophy of Nietzsche, a clinically insane German philosopher. As he ranted on, Mr. Ritchie decided to take a picture. When he saw the camera, he said, “You can’t take my picture” and shoved Mr. Ritchie, threatening to destroy his camera. “I’m going to break your camera,” he said. The calm attitude of the TFP volunteers in face of this Nietzsche fanatic’s tirade was very admirable. The contrast was remarkable.

The TFP members assured the Nietzsche fan and his friends that they would pray for their conversion, which sparked a furious response. “No, don’t pray for us! Don’t pray for us! Go home Crusaders! Go home Crusaders!”

Little did they know that being called a Crusader is a eulogy, one of the most glorious titles a man can receive, for Catholic Crusaders believe in God, not Nietzsche.