How This New Comic Book So Offends God

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How This New Comic Book So Offends God
How This New Comic Book So Offends God

There are times when it seems that Satan has thrown his worst at us and that things cannot possibly get any more depraved. Then something even viler comes along and sends us reeling. This is the case of DC/Vertigo comics and a new release, Second Coming that attacks Our Lord Jesus Christ. Written by Mark Russell, it will be released in March and is slated to be the first of a six-comic-book series.

Mr. Russell has made a career of mocking Christianity. The text of Second Coming is not available, but a paragraph from his book, God Is Disappointed In You, will suffice for readers to see his general attitude toward our faith. Warning, this is truly disturbing, sacrilegious, and offensive.

“God created the human race to be his pets.” He writes. “As a first-time pet owner, God wisely chose to start small, creating just two people: Adam and Eve. But, much like baby alligators, they proved to be rotten pets and were thus flushed into the sewer, where they propagated, until the sewers were overflowing with wild humans, hissing and spitting, fornicating and worshipping idols. So God flushed out the entire human race with a flood.”

Tell DC Comics to STOP Blaspheming Jesus — Sign Here

A Crude Counterfeit

According to the advance information provided by DC/Vertigo, Second Coming begins with the return to his version of “christ” to Earth. “God” is upset because this “christ” did such a bad job the first time that he came. This “christ” is assigned to be the roommate of the comic’s hero, Sun-Man, who is apparently doing a better job of saving the world.

Mr. Russel’s point is obvious. He is attacking the real Christ and His sacrifice for our salvation by creating a sacrilegious satire of Our Lord and the Church. By peddling his perversion of the Gospel, he appears to be doing Satan’s work.

Freedom to Offend, Freedom to Protest

Of course, there will be those who see nothing wrong in any of this, as it is part of a culture that produces many movies, books, and television shows that hasten to depict Christ and His Church in the most seditious terms. When challenged, the authors will claim a freedom to offend. However, such freedom only feeds the unruly passions and leads to the slavery of sin.

Catholics need to respond with a freedom to protest such publications. They have the right to defend themselves and the Church against calumny and blasphemy. Just as pornography destroys the moral fiber of a community, so also blasphemy destroys the faith of those exposed to it. Such outrages pollute the general culture and contribute to its decay.

Tell DC Comics to STOP Blaspheming Jesus

Peaceful and legal protest is the best means to pressure media to stop the outrages. That is why the web site of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) is protesting this outrage. Readers are invited to lodge their protest asking that the March publication of Second Coming be canceled.

It is time for us to stand as true defenders of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and resist this blasphemous portrayal.

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