How the Holy House of Loreto Is a Sanctuary of “Non-negotiable Life Principles”

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How the Holy House of Loreto Is a Sanctuary of “Non-negotiable Life Principles”
How the Holy House of Loreto Is a Sanctuary of “Non-negotiable Life Principles”

The Holy House of Loreto was the place where Our Lady was born, raised and received the Angel Gabriel’s commission to be the Mother of God. Thus, it is a sanctuary that can serve as a spiritual ‘lung,’ especially for those who struggle to defend non-negotiable principles, such as the right to life, defense of the natural family, and parents’ right to educate their children.

The events that took place in the Holy House are of the greatest importance for the history of humanity. The site is even more significant for those who profess the Catholic faith.

Defending the Right to Life from Conception…

Our Redemption began among those sacred walls. Not only was Our Lord Jesus Christ conceived there, but it was also the place of Mary’s Immaculate Conception and birth. Within those walls, the Word became Flesh and came to dwell among men. How can we not then think of the intrinsic dignity of human beings from the moment of conception when contemplating this place? Jesus Himself, the Savior, assumed the human condition right from the beginning. Our Lord was an embryo and a fetus and lived for nine months in the virginal womb of Mary Most Holy at this place.

Therefore, Loreto should become the spiritual point of reference for all those who work to defend the right to life of unborn children. There is no difference in dignity and sacredness between an unborn person and another already born. Likewise, there is no difference between a young person and an elderly one, male or female. A human being is always human in every phase of existence.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

For this reason, we must clearly and radically oppose genetic manipulation, the artificial production of children and the crime of procured abortion. Any law that admits the murder of children or reduces them to objects is inherently iniquitous and must be rejected and repealed.

The same reasoning obviously applies to the barbaric practice of turning the womb into a commodity through surrogate motherhood, which some blasphemously associate with the Annunciation that took place in the Holy House. This comparison clearly makes no sense if only because Our Lady did not ask to become the Mother of God but accepted it by saying “Yes” to the Divine Will. This “yes” was open to life, which today so many refuse with contraception and unbridled hedonism.

…To Natural Death

Let us not forget that, according to tradition, Saint Joseph died in the Holy House of Nazareth (which later moved to Loreto), assisted by Mary Most Holy and by Our Lord. For this reason, the glorious patriarch became the patron saint of the dying. Indeed, no one in the world ever received such a great grace—passing from this life to the next in the arms of Our Lady and Jesus. Saint Joseph’s blessed death was the crowning event of a life spent entirely at the service of God, of Whom he voluntarily made himself a docile instrument.

Thus, Catholics should make Loreto the spiritual point of reference for the struggle against any legislation aiming to introduce euthanasia, often disguised with expressions such as ‘assisted suicide’ or living will (in the name of false mercy). Attacks on life in its terminal phase are very dangerous because they seek to recognize only viable and healthy lives as having human dignity.

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However, human beings always preserve their nobility in every condition and situation, no matter how painful and tragic it may be. The sick must not be killed but assisted by their loved ones and receive care that alleviates suffering, like Saint Joseph. Eliminating the sick is not a gesture of love but selfishness, which hides many economic interests and, above all, the agenda of the ‘culture of death.’

Defense of the Natural Family, Based on Marriage and Private Property

The Holy Family, the model of all families, lived in the Holy House of Nazareth. Therefore, Loreto is the privileged place to pray for the institution of the family, now threatened inside and outside the Church.

Today we must engage in the decisive battle, both in the temporal and spiritual spheres, to defend the indissolubility of marriage and the only true definition of family, composed of a man and a woman. Facing the rising tide of dominant trends, the Holy House of Loreto must become the center from which we can draw strength to reaffirm a clear “No” to divorce, cohabitation, feminism, “transgenderism” and homosexual unions. These are all sins that destroy the stable and untied family, which is the fundamental building block of society.

Novena to the Blessed Virgin of Loreto

Finally, considering the ownership of the Holy House was in the hands of the Holy Family, we must fight for true social justice by recognizing and protecting the right of private property. This right leads to a family-friendly economy that supports a higher birth rate.

Primordial Right of Parents to Educate their Offspring

In the Holy House, Our Lord Jesus Christ grew and was educated by his Mother and Saint Joseph. Jesus lived with his parents up to the age of thirty. It was in this holy place that He lived a life of prayer and work, obedience and sacrifice, sobriety and purity. Our Lady herself was raised and educated by her parents, Joachim and Anna, among those walls. Loreto is, therefore, the point of reference also in the field of education, so trampled upon today.

Today we face state-controlled secular public education that instills religious indifferentism and anti-Christian values. It imposes gender ideology, which seeks to dissolve human nature itself. Thus, we find it more necessary than ever to reiterate the primordial right of parents to educate their children based on Catholic principles. Hence, there is also a need to create authentically Catholic parental-directed schools free from state constraints. No power may snatch children from their families and indoctrinate them against the will of their parents.

The Struggle for Purity and Chastity

The Holy House welcomed a special, entirely Holy Family characterized by perpetual virginity. In body and spirit, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph preserved integral purity and chastity throughout their lives. For many people today, even Catholics, living in continence before marriage, during marriage, or throughout life seems an impossible undertaking.

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Meanwhile, pornography is rampant and as unrestrained as contraception. People have lost the sense of sacrifice and purity to the point that every whim and pleasure seems to have to become a legally recognized, protected and even required right.

Conversely, the Holy Family lived in complete purity as a single great offering to God, truly becoming an example for everyone—children, young people, adults and the elderly. It is an example to everyone that is increasingly crushed by the all-pervasive Sexual Revolution.

The above article is taken from the author’s book, The Miracle of the Holy House of Loreto.

Federico Catani was born in Jesi (Ancona) in 1986. He graduated in Political Science at LUISS—Free International University of Social Studies Guido Carli (Rome) and in Religious Sciences at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome). He has taught Catholic religion in state schools and, as a journalist and publicist, he currently writes for various magazines and blogs in the Catholic world. He is a member of the Italian Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP). He is the director of Spunti, a publication of the Association Luci sull’Est.

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