How Pennsylvania Students Surprised the Media by Demanding Restrooms Divided by Biological Sex

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How Pennsylvania Students Surprised the Media by Demanding Restrooms Divided by Biological Sex
How Pennsylvania Students Surprised the Media by Demanding Restrooms Divided by Biological Sex
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Collegeville, Pennsylvania is a distant suburb of Philadelphia, about thirty miles from the city limits. Like many such suburbs, it tends to be politically liberal and vote Democrat. The town is also the headquarters of the Perkiomen Valley School System, which also leans woke.

Many were surprised to hear that the School Board voted 5-4 to institute “Policy 720,” which requires students to use the bathroom assigned to their biological sex.

Media Misrepresentation

A casual reader of the mainstream media might think such a conservative decision would trigger a groundswell of support among students for their “transsexual” classmates.

After all, the media narrative claims that “transgendered” children undergo daily trauma because they can’t use the school restrooms that meet their “orientation.” So immense is the trauma that some mental health experts predict that many of these children will elect to end their own lives.

Thus, the media are happy to broadcast stories where students support their “transsexual” classmates.

How a Community Protest Prevailed

The controversy over biological sex over transgender bathrooms began in 2018 when the Perkiomen Valley district followed the liberal pro-“transgender” path. Superintendent Barbara Russell spoke to the current interpretation of Title IX of the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, under which “gender identification is a protected class.” In other words, the district would allow biological men to use women’s restrooms based purely on that person’s “identification,” The superintendent continued, “This IS our policy.”

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

Then, Tim Jagger’s teenage daughter found a boy when she entered the girls’ restroom. She complained to her father. Mr. Jagger relayed her concern to the board. A supportive board member proposed a new rule limiting restroom use to one’s biological sex. However, on September 11, 2023, the school board signaled its agreement with the superintendent. They voted 5-4 against the proposal.

Then, the Perkiomen Valley students surprised the media and the rest of the “woke” world. Contradicting the media narrative, these students borrowed a tactic from the leftist playbook and walked out of their classrooms to show support for biological-sex assigned bathrooms.

John Ott, a student who helped organize the walkout, takes a chivalric attitude toward the young women in his school. “We wanted to protect themThey didn’t want men in their bathroom.”

One of his fellow students, Victoria Rudolph, echoed John’s sentiments. “It’s just uncomfortable seeing nineteen-year-old men or eighteen-year-old men in my bathroom.”

In light of the students’ action and an avalanche of parent concern, the board reversed the superintendent’s policy on October 2, also by a 5-4 vote.

Commonsense Triumphs

The brave action of the students in defense of traditional sexual identity and commonsense unmasks the liberal establishment agenda.

The debate over school curricula, library books and gender policies has been framed as a fight between concerned yet unenlightened parents versus a progressive and more knowledgeable educational establishment. Both parties claim to represent the best interests of the children.

However, as the case of the Perkiomen Valley district shows, the decision to impose this monstrous policy upon the children came from the top over the parents’ objections. Administrators claimed to be acting on behalf of the children. However, they refused to take action when children complained that they felt threatened in bathrooms.

Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our TimesLearn All About the Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our Times

Only when the children walked out of class did the district decide to listen. Their courage made them stronger than the woke facilitators. Perhaps administrators feared that such tactics might be contagious and spread to other school districts. They quickly changed course.

However, their initial refusal to listen indicates they are not concerned for children but rather obey an agenda that overrides the most basic rights of privacy and modesty.

The welfare of the children must come first. Any pandering to gender ideology must be called out for what it is: child abuse.

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