Houston Catholics say “Never!” to Blasphemous “P#ss Christ” Exhibit

Houston Catholics say “Never!” to Blasphemous “P#ss Christ” Exhibit

Houston Catholics say “Never!” to Blasphemous “P#ss Christ” Exhibit

On June 25, members and friends of the American TFP and its America Needs Fatima campaign gathered in front of the Station Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston for a peaceful rally of prayer and protest against a blasphemous exhibit being displayed there.

“P#ss Christ,” as it is called, is a vile and vulgar “art work” by Andres Serrano, which depicts a crucifix submerged in a jar of human urine.

Despite the threat of rain and the scorching Texan heat, about 170 local Catholics attended the event, some coming from as far away as Louisiana. All were animated by the same ardent desire to defend the honor of Our Lord against this public outrage.

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The rally started at 4:30 p.m. to the sound of “Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above” as a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, carried by members of the American TFP, processed in and took her place in the front of the crowd. Young and old alike filled the sidewalks around the museum, praying the rosary, singing hymns, and holding signs and large banners. The participants also joined in proclaiming slogans of protest and reparation.

“Will we stand idle while Our Lord Jesus Christ is publicly blasphemed?”


“Jesus, we love Thee!”


The disgruntled museum staff promptly called the police. Soon, about a dozen officers appeared on the scene to investigate, but they quickly saw that it was a peaceful protest and allowed the rally to proceed. “I can tell that you have all done this before because you are following all the rules,” complimented the lead officer.


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The rally was interrupted by several people that taunted and defiantly waved rainbow flags.

Undeterred, the protesters stood firm for the full two-hour rally, enduring the insults with bravery and offering it up in reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. They had much to hope in the beautiful words of Our Lord in scripture. “He who confesses Me before men, I will confess him before My Father in heaven.”

Houston Catholics say “Never!” to Blasphemous “P#ss Christ” ExhibitHouston Catholics say “Never!” to Blasphemous “P#ss Christ” ExhibitHouston Catholics say “Never!” to Blasphemous “P#ss Christ” Exhibit


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  • John Landau

    How is it you good faithful Christians are attacking one another, calling each other hypocrites and other vile names in this comment section??? The very act of doing this is offensive to God, and is a worse sin than any “perceived” judgement on others comments or poor behaviors. The devil is at the root of this diviseness. But we, in our pride, too blind to recognize our own filth. So many christians lost in their pride, including me…. which is why I admonish gently and call to your attention that your soul is in grave danger when you do this, justified or not. Take care of your own soul. It’s the only one that will face judgement. Hail Mary…

  • pete ross

    Before New York was hit on 9/11 the mayor had approved an art exhibit same as the one in Houston. Think about it.

  • gigi4747

    Thank you for your witness here! Very inspirational.

  • Thomas J. McIntyre

    Funny how this protest had absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality yet the taunters and hecklers all made sure to wave their rainbow pride flags at y’all’s faces…

  • Perry Fernandez

    Let us pray for the conversion of sinners and in reparation for irreverence, ingratitude and blasphemies like this. There are sinners who can still be converted if they accept the graces of mercy and love from our Lord Jesus thru His Mother and our Mother, the Blessed Mother and our Lady of the Rosary and Fatima.

  • Clariça Novaes

    God Bless TFP!!!

  • Kathy Duane

    May God bless you, one and all! This same piece of “art” was put on display in 1987 in NYC and created an uproar! Sen. Alphonse D’Amato condemned the exhibit as did Jesse Helms. I’m shocked that it is STILL making the rounds 30 years later!!!!

  • Fit Pros

    Wow how ironic we were told by homosexuals that Jesus loves gays and homosexuality. But the same gays support bashing Him

  • Jennifer Davies

    please excuse mistakes in previous post. I wrote in haste.

  • Jennifer Davies

    When Cardinal George Pell was archbishop of Melbourne he was responsible for the very same blasphemous art work P… Christ begin removed from display in Melbourne. He was asked by the media when he became archbishop of Sydney if he would join the gay and lesbian Parade and his reply saw him firmly in the gun sights of the homosexual activists and it goes on and on. When he was put in charge of the Vatican finances he fearlessly unearth 1,000,000,000 euros squirreled away by, shall we say, corrupt Church departments. It days gone by he would have been murdered by in today’s prevailing climate he has be relentlessly pursued and vilified in the media. His total destruction and inevitably the destruction of the Catholic Church in the end game. Please pray for him.

  • MariadelosAngeles Bernal.Arrio

    The so called “artists” who do that type of blasphemous things are obviously wanting “attention” or approval from their “faith-hater friends/the devil’s friends” as they have no faith as they are faith-haters. Their attention calling is going to cost them their souls. This needs to stop throughout the world as that is the consequence for actions such as those.

  • Georgeann H. Levy

    O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

    • Mark Z


  • chriscas

    Bravo!! Actions like these might be all that’s keeping God from letting us destroy ourselves in a nuclear war or some other such calamity.

  • Lou Soileau

    Thanks to God for people who will stand peacefully for what is right. May God be glorified!

  • geoffreysmith1

    The love of money motivates a lot of people to commit the most indecent of hate crimes. There is a lot of money in this for the ‘artist’ Serrano.

  • ECwashr

    The Hypocrisy of the Liberals on full display here. Can you imagine if some “artist” did this to islam?? The Libs and mooooslims would go crazy!!! But of course this sick evil low life “artist” is a coward and attacks the true religion of peach Christianity. CHRIST IS LORD!!!!

  • Joe

    God, have mercy on museum.

  • Fatima

    They will do it again and again because Houston has now begun just like Sodom and Gomorrah. Gays, Lesbians and all kinds of perverted evil-lifestyle spread like wild-fire everywhere. If the GOOD DO NOTHING TO STOP THEM, GOD WILL DO EVERYTHING TO WIPE US OFF. WE ARE THE LIGHT, THE TRUTH AND THE WAY FOR HIM AND BE THE “SALT” FOR THIS WORLD. IF THE SALT IS NO MORE FLAVOR, THEN IT’S NO GOOD AND NEED TO BE CASTED OUT AND TREMBLED UNDER THE FEET. We must pray more, do more penance, make more known to the world and offer more sacrifices to make reparation to both SACRED HEART AND THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY for this wicked evil satanic blasphemous-nation. USA is no longer a nation under God but now a nation under ANTICHRIST OF THE NEW WORLD DISORDER which is 100% Luciferian sect.

    • John Launder

      God does not need to punish us. The way Western civilisation is crumbling, the resulting chaos and disorder will be all of man’s making. I tremble for little ones growing up. Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat the mistakes is well and truly occurring.

      • Dale McNamee

        The crumbling of, and eventual destruction, of civilizations are a result of God’s judgement…

      • Fatima

        When God allowed the evils to spread even inside the Catholic Church, even with Popes and Bishops, that’s the sign that “God is punishing the world.” If we are so holy, so good, so obedient to His Commandments, His Law and Order… God always give the good leaders, good Holy Clergy to guide us temporal and spiritual… Did you see any good ones in secular world and spiritual offices? None… All fake, all liars, all perverted and evils to the core… and what about people? All nations have worthlessness generation of dopey crackpot brain-deads delusional laziness, ignorance and lustful from head to toes. Very rare to find a good one this day. That’s the sign of God punishment is coming. Did you ever read or believe in the Fatima Message or Akita Message or any Saints and Prophets of the Catholic Church? You need to tremble a lot more for yourself and don’t even dream about the little ones growing up. They will be wiped off include you. All nations will be annihilated for the sins and offenses are overflow the cup of anger. God will not be mocked.

        • John Launder

          Fatima and Dale – the history of the Church has been one of saints and sinners right from the the time of the Apostles – after all Judas betrayed Jesus, Peter denied Him and Thomas doubted him. Every age has had its good and evil people in the Church and out from the top to the bottom of society, religious and otherwise. I still stand by what I said God’s punishment is the fact that if we don’t follow His laws we suffer and cause much harm to ourselves, it is not God sending down thunderbolts. If man repents from his ways God’s grace is always there for those who open themselves to it, from such actions good leaders will arise and bring about change in the world. Believers have to show more courage to speak out against the evils of the world and also to act together to challenge those who are destroying society, but as Christians we must always do so with love, leave judgement of each individual to God.

          By the tone of your remarks you are bit too ready to judge. There are many good people in the world – including among our own Bishops and clergy including Pope Francis. None of us are with out fault. Yes there are disagreements – but didn’t Paul and Peter have their disagreements too? I believe that Pope Francis is trying to be a Good Shepherd and reach out to those who fallen into sin, such as Jesus did.

          Am I concerned about the world and our civilisation – yes I am very much so. That was the message I was trying to convey because unlike other generations man now has the means of destroying himself totally. Yes and that is what the prophecies all say, unless man repents and follow the way that Jesus taught we will destroy ourselves. God puts the responsibility on us, if we fail we suffer but not because God sends down that punishment.

          • Fatima

            What a blindfold hypocrite you are. People like you do more damage to the church and the world than a sinner. Call good evil and evil good, you are not too far from Hell. By the fruit, know the tree. Your comments reveal who you are and what you are. By the way, don’t you know you have obligation to judge all things OBJECTIVELY. Your stupidity and hypocrite pseudo-counterfeit Catholics don’t even know that. Go back and learn the real Catechism and Theology of the Catholic Teachings before you open your mouth.

          • John Launder

            Fatima – I don’t know what your specific objections are to what I said. Your use of ad hominem attacks on me do not make sense. Where was I calling “good evil” and “evil good”? Whether I am far from hell or not I will leave to God, I certainly do not claim not to be a sinner. Nevertheless I do try to be a good Christian, I believe I do try to judge things objectively as I learned through my YCW (Young Christian Workers) days – See, Judge and Act. See a problem, Judge in the light of Christ’s teaching and Act accordingly. I will leave it to other readers as to whether what I said is objective and in line with Christ’s teachings and that of His Church.

    • ECwashr

      Good post. The USA took a horrible turn toward darkness and sin when HuSatan Obama was put into office!!!

      • John Launder

        Leave judgement of Obama to God. As an outsider there were good points about Pres.Obama and obviously poor decision and policies but all America’s faults can’t be laid at the feet of one man. There has been a gradual erosion of Western civilisation for many decades. Having said that there has been no period when there has not been sin and corruption, the fallen nature of man. We must as individuals live our lives according to God’s commandments. Also we should not slack at participating in society to influence the way secular society thinks and acts. As Christians we must accept our responsibiklity for what has happened in society.

        • gigi4747

          Thank you. You are correct if course that western civilization has been crumbling for decades. I am loathe to defend Barack Obama, but the damage was hardly done by one person alone. If anything, we should be holding our priests and bishops to far more account than we do.

        • Karen Weiss

          Well said. I include myself when I say there is plenty of blame to go around. I fell into the political correctness faze in the 60 & 70’s and thus turned off my common sense. We have been, and continue to be, expertly manipulated and bullied by the various liberal movements. Now the problem is so large we can easily be discouraged. I need to always remember that the one who is in me is greater than the one who is in the world.

  • Pauline Donnelly

    Not a Catholic but kudos to all who stood against this piece of depraved “art”. We should all pray for the artist. What a miserable and wretched human being he must be!

    • Lou Soileau

      He must be confused, ignorant, and lost. Pray for him.

  • Janice Marler

    I wish that I could have been there.

  • CMY

    Thank all of you for being there!!!!! God Bless you and watch over all of us…
    Jesus, Mary & Joseph we love you, save souls…save our Church and protect us all.

  • Christine Vivaldo

    Praised be our Holy Triune God. We love you Holy Immaculate Heart of Mary. God Bless all Church Militant+

  • Marcia Weisz

    I support all the TFP does to defend our faith and to courageously stand against this terrible blasphemy. God Bless you commitment. “By thy holy and Immaculate Conception deliver us from evil.”

  • Patricia Boedefeld

    Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for us, now and at the hour of our death. Amen

  • kitty

    “Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, and save us from the fires of Hell. Lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of your mercy,”

    • Karen Weiss