Homosexual Activists Left Speechless

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It is extremely challenging for conservative college students to pop the bubble of political correctness that surrounds them, and when they do speak, you seldom hear about it.

But I have good news for you. More and more students are refusing to take assaults on family values sitting down. For example, on April 15, a young group of College Republicans at Shippensburg University, Pennsylvania, organized a day of support for traditional marriage.

Looking for reinforcements, the College Republicans invited members of TFP Student Action to join in their efforts.

The night before the campaign was launched, the College Republicans chalked phrases such as: “Sign a petition to protect the sanctity of marriage” on campus sidewalks. A press release was also circulated far and wide and reporters from MBC and SUTV covered the event. Posters were strategically placed around campus alerting students to support traditional marriage and oppose its same-sex counterfeit.

In front of College Republicans’ table in the CUB Great Hall building, a large number of students flocked to sign a petition to protect the sanctity of marriage and family.

TFP volunteers distributing fliers outside the building were warmly applauded by many students, with statements such as: “Thank you for being out here,” “This is awesome” and “Keep up the good work.”

One student enthusiastically remarked: “These guys know what they’re doing.” “Yea, they’re like Special Forces,” replied his friend standing nearby.

However, the event drew the ire of some pro-homosexual students. “Our posters were torn down,” said Shippensburg University College Republicans president Walt Bair, unperturbed by the liberal opposition. Apparently some faculty members were also incensed at the event. When John Miller politely offered the Dean of Students a TFP flier, he rudely replied: “I don’t want that garbage.”

At the end of the day, TFP members gathered to pray three Hail Marys in thanksgiving for a successful event. Morality was upheld. The truth was spoken. God’s law was defended. And the homosexual activists at Shippensburg University were left… speechless.

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