High Stakes in the Evolution Debate

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High Stakes in the Evolution Debate
Mr. John H. Calvert gave an audiovisual presentation on intelligent design titled: “Are We Designs or Occurrences?

On Friday, July 15th Mr. John H. Calvert, co-founder of Intelligent Design Network, gave an audiovisual presentation to around 30 TFP supporters in Topeka, Kans., titled: “Are We Designs Or Occurrences? Why Is This Question So Important?” The event was held at the house of TFP local coordinator Francis Slobodnik.

Mr. Calvert recently defended Intelligent Design before the Kansas State Board of Education, along with over twenty other witnesses. He has traveled across the United States exposing the fallacies of Evolution, by uncovering important truths that are seldom heard. The evidence he presented, clearly implied that the creation of life was not due to random chance, but rather the fruit of an Intelligent Designer.

Mr. Calvert explained the immense complexity of the cell structure of living organisms. This complexity makes it statistically impossible that chance could have caused its development. For example: the statistical possibility of randomly pulling letters out of a bag to spell-out the word DESIGN are 165,765,600 to 1. How much more incomprehensible is the chance altering of complex cells, let alone developing them?

Mr. Calvert recounted horror stories in which members of the scientific community suffer persecution, even for questioning evolution. He spoke of Ph.D. candidates risking their degrees and professors endangering the renewal of their contracts, simply because they question evolution. Nevertheless, evidence of Intelligent Design manages slowly but surely to make it through the politically correct filters in academia.

Perhaps, Mr. Calvert’s most important point was that the influence of evolution has reached far beyond the borders of science. It has fashioned government and morality to its own likeness. For Catholics this is especially close to home. The Modernist heresy, condemned by Pope Saint Pius X, could be summed up in the belief that dogma evolves.

Mr. Calvert warned that this issue is going to snowball into a monumental national debate. Kansas is currently becoming the center of this debate. Recently, school board members voted to slightly improve the state’s science standard. In the next couple of years, four seats on the board will be up for re-election. A lot of money from across the nation is expected to be poured into this normally ignored election.

Indeed, the stakes are high for evolution adherents. As authentic science continues to gather facts that unmistakably point to an intelligent designer, evolutionists see their entire worldview crashing down upon them.

This far-reaching effect of evolution is one of the main reasons that evolutionists fight so tenaciously. Indeed, their whole outlook on life is at stake.

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