Helping Students Find a Moral Compass

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Eight members of TFP Student Action campaigned against same-sex “marriage” at Penn State University on March 1. There was no mistaking the TFP’s position. In large bold black letters, the title of their flyer read “Stop Same-Sex ‘Marriage,’” and proved to be a tolerance test for students in favor of the homosexual movement.

Well researched and amply footnoted, the flyer debunked three scientific myths spread to validate homosexual vice: (1) homosexuality is genetic or innate; (2) homosexuality is irreversible; (3) since animals engage in same-sex sexual behavior, it is natural.

“You Ought to be Shot!”

A young student in a passing car cursed at the top of his lungs and shouted, “You ought to be shot!” The obscene language that he used was disturbing. Whatever “tolerance” he had, vanished after discovering that TFP was opposing same-sex “marriage” on campus.

Liberal Logic Shortage

The attitude of students supporting same-sex “marriage” was typical. TFP member Benjamin Hiegert said, “They wouldn’t even read the flyer, they just ripped them up!” Lacking intelligent arguments, other liberal students resorted to obscene gestures and insults.

One student wrote an e-mail message to Student Action’s website. The anonymous writer stated how angry the TFP flyer made him. “I almost handed it back… but then decided to hold on to it to see if there were, in fact, any legitimate arguments…All of the arguments were scientific in nature, but the only thing I found worthwhile was the email address at the bottom of the first page… The hypocrisy of the situation was not in the arguments that I read, but the fact that I was exposed to them at all.”

Defending What is Right

One man told Student Action director John Ritchie, “You are fighting a losing battle because soon the majority is going to want homosexuality. You might as well devote your efforts to something else. You’re fighting a lost battle.”

Mr. Ritchie replied, “That’s not true and even if it was, we’re not out here because the majority of people like or don’t like homosexuality. We’re here to defend what’s right.”

Another student gave the TFP flyer a categorical thumbs up. “This is going up on my wall!” he said. Others said, “All right! This is what I’m talking about!” and “I’m glad someone is finally doing something.”

Will You Help?

The controversy over same-sex “marriage” is raging on college campuses. Now, more than ever, it is time to stand up and be counted. Help students find a moral compass.

Evil wins if good does nothing. Just as the victory for evil lies in the indifference of the good, the defeat of evil lies in the valiant, peaceful and lawful efforts of the good.

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