He Who Has Not Mary for His Mother Has Not God for His Father

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He Who Has Not Mary for His Mother Has Not God for His Father
The miraculous statue of the International Pilgrim Virgin of Our Lady of Fatima.



Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, the great Marian apostle, has these beautiful words about our correlation with Our Lady and why devotion to her is so indispensable.

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“Just as in the natural and corporal generation of children there are a father and a mother, so in the supernatural and spiritual generation there are a Father, who is God, and a Mother, who is Mary. All of God’s true children have Him for their Father and Mary for their Mother. He who has not Mary for his Mother has not God for his Father. This is the reason why heretics, schismatics and others, who hate our Blessed Lady or regard her with contempt and indifference, have not God for their Father—they have not Mary for their Mother. For if they had her for their Mother they would love and honor her as a true child naturally loves and honors the mother who has given him life.”

Excerpt from True Devotion to Mary, by Saint Louis de Montfort, (Rockford, IL., TAN Books & Publishers, 1985, pg. 18).

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