Guaranteeing the Next Generation of Pro-Lifers – 1994

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Guaranteeing the Next Generation of Pro-Lifers - 1994
Guaranteeing the Next Generation of Pro-Lifers – 1994

Imagine a baby born in 1973, the year of the Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v. Wade abortion edict. His mother – rejecting the unnatural sin that cries to heaven for vengeance – gave him life and nurtured it: the labors of her love. Escaping the destiny of prenatal death – the fate of so many of his contemporaries – he is an adult today.

Given his chance to live, will he be found – as an adult – in the ranks of pro-life Americans? Or is he an abortionist, one of those whose hands are stained with the innocent blood of a million and a half babies a year?

Spared from the being a victim of abortion, he should be a defender of life. Indeed, it is his only legitimate choice: to follow natural law and obey the commandment given by God Himself: “Thou shalt not kill.”

But what will prevent a child, any child – even the child of pro-life parents – from becoming an abortionist (or a defender of abortionists) once infected with the moral relativism that permeates out society as a cancer?

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In order for this child to grow up with the respect for life, the ambience of the home must be imbued with the morality inscribed in the Ten Commandments. The parents’ example must be the guiding light that shows the child the way to responsible adulthood – amid the snares of hedonism along life’s path.

For only when fortified with moral fiber will he or she be strong enough to resist being “one of the crowd” whose moral relativism ultimately seeks leads to justifying the “right” of the strong to murder the weak: the mother her unborn baby; the son, his frail and elderly mother.

As we march for life, let us remind ourselves that the fight for life, is not simply to stop today’s generation of abortionists, but to guarantee the next generation of pro-lifers, by instilling in our children a reverence for life, whose only sure foundation is living a life of moral virtue in obedience to God’s commandments.

And if the child whose future formed the basis for these reflections should, alas, be an abortionist today, to him, we address these heartfelt words:

“Once you were an enchanting child, as all babies are. Today you are an abortionist, a killer of babies. Do you not regret your wicked deeds? Do you not see the innocent blood of our children that stains your hands and cries out to God? Have you no shame as did our first parents when they sinned against God? Why do you not turn to Him today, seek His forgiveness and His strength never again to murder the innocent? Would you not rather bring children into the world than destroy them? Children you could raise with respect for life to take the place of those you robbed from God?”


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