Good Pro-Life News from Kansas

On April 28, a very important bill was signed that will do much to protect the unborn. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed into law the “Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act.” This law forbids the dismemberment of the unborn during abortion.

Due to the importance of this bill for the pro-life cause, the governor did five symbolic signings throughout the state of Kansas. The bill’s lead sponsor was young but passionate for life, Senator Garrett Love from Montezuma, Kansas.

The significance of this bill for the pro-life cause is that it puts the pro-abortion crowd on the defensive. Up to now the pro-abortionists have largely been able to hide behind descriptions of abortion that did not reveal what really takes place during an abortion.

This new pro-life law shows the public the horror of abortion loud and clear; it is a dismemberment of an unborn child. That is pretty difficult to defend. Who in their right mind would support the painful mutilation and dismemberment of an innocent unborn child?

As more information about the unborn becomes known due to science, the more the public becomes less desensitized to abortion and begins seeing it for the macabre satanic horror that it is.

The pro-abortionists have been aggressive and successful in foisting abortions upon a passive public by their clever use of language that does not reveal what really happens during an abortion. Abortion promoters such as Planned Parenthood describe abortion as a “safe and easy way to end pregnancy.”1 Not anymore. The days of the pro-abortion movement are numbered. American society is moving towards pro-life.

As is evidenced by this quote from Elizabeth Nash, senior state issues associate for the Guttmacher Institute, “We’ve never seen this language before.”2 This bill, in military terms, is a harassment and interdiction. This bill will cause the pro-abortion crowd to expend valuable time and resources to try to find a new way to make abortion palatable again despite its horrific procedures. As a result, women may rethink their decision to end the lives of their babies.

Our society is, after all, in a battle between those who want to defend and preserve innocent human life and those who want to tear the unborn from limb to limb, or at least allow others to do so.

The abortion movement is now using gimmicks to present abortion as a positive experience by offering a spa-like atmosphere, such as comfortable attractive furniture, hot tea and nice robes as is seen in the Carafem abortion facility in Washington, D.C.3

It may take some time to end abortion in America, but each year valiant pro-life leaders, activists and brave political leaders like Senator Love and Governor Brownback, bring America closer and closer to the protection of the most innocent life in society, the unborn.

Of course there is a chance that the pro-abortion crowd will challenge this in court, however those of us who love and defend life can only do what is right, confident in God’s blessing upon our efforts. Despite court challenges and defeats in human terms, someday our descendants will see who fought the good fight for life and helped achieve the victory.

It is a great hope that other states with a pro-life majority will follow suit on the path to end abortion in America.


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