Garcia Moreno, President of Ecuador, Writes to His Holiness Blessed Pius IX

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Garcia Moreno, President of Ecuador, Writes to His Holiness Blessed Pius IX
Quito, July 17, 1875

Most Holy Father,

For some time now I have intensely wished to write to Your Holiness again; but I have been kept from doing so for fear of taking your time, which is too precious and necessary for the rule of the Catholic world. Notwithstanding this, today I must overcome this fear to implore your apostolic blessing, as I have been reelected, undeservingly, to govern this Catholic Republic for six years more. Although the new term will not begin until August 30, and I will not be able to serve Your Holiness with an official notification of my reelection until I take the constitutional oath on that day, I am conveying this to Your Holiness in advance in order to obtain from Heaven strength and lights, which I need more than anyone for being faithful to our Redeemer and loyal and obedient to His infallible Vicar. Now that the [Masonic] lodges of the neighboring countries, instigated by those of Germany, vomit against me atrocious insults and horrible calumnies of all kinds, I need Divine protection more than ever to live and die in the defense of our holy Religion and of this small republic that God has willed that I continue governing. Most Holy Father, what great fortune it is for me to be hated and persecuted for the sake of our Divine Redeemer! and what great joy it would be for me if your blessing obtained from Heaven that I shed my blood for Him who, being God, willed to shed His on the Cross for us! (*)

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The first is that Your Holiness deign instruct His Eminence Cardinal Franchi, the protector of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition, whose general director Sr. Emilia Julien resides in Marseilles, to authorize the coming to Quito of ten of the said sisters at the expense of the government of Ecuador, so they may take charge of the care and direction of the hospice for the poor and the hospital for mongoloids in this capital city.

The second, in a word, is to obtain from your paternal goodness that the relics of Blessed Claver [now Saint Peter Claver], at present forsaken—not to say despised—in Cartagena, Colombia, be brought to the Jesuit school in Quito. The government of Ecuador will finance a translation of the relics with due pomp and veneration. Your Holiness beatified this illustrious apostle of Catholic charity, and I believe that you will not consent to his venerable relics remaining in a place where nobody manifests appreciation or respect for them. Ecuador, weak and poor though it is, neither seeks nor wishes any other protection than God’s; this is why it wants to have a new advocate in Heaven.

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I can do no less than express to Your Holiness the grief caused us by the departure of your worthy and virtuous delegate, His Excellency Seraphim Vannutelli; however, we are consoled by the hope that Your Holiness will deign send us another one capable of replacing him.

I prostrate myself at the feet of Your Holiness to implore again your Apostolic blessing for this Catholic Republic, for my family, and for this your very humble, obedient, and loving son,
Garcia Moreno, President of Ecuador, Writes to His Holiness Blessed Pius IX
G. Garcia Moreno


Taken from “Cartas de Garcia Moreno”, Wilfrido Loor, La Prensa Católica, Quito-Ecuador.

(*) In fact, on August 6 of that same year, Garcia Moreno was slain in front of the Governmental Palace.

As he was being killed, his murderer shouted: “Die Jesuit!” (Referring to the support given by Garcia Moreno to that order.) To what he made answer: “Garcia Moreno dies, but God does not die.”


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