For Marriage in South Africa

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For Marriage in South AfricaYoung South Africans for a Christian Civilization – TFP was one of many pro-family organizations and religious groups represented at the march for marriage in Cape Town on September 16. Thousands of protesters took to the streets across South Africa demonstrating against same-sex “marriage” as South Africa’s parliament prepares to hold hearings on a bill that would place same-sex partnerships on equal footing with traditional marriage.
In Cape Town, protesters personally delivered a petition to the chairman of the parliament’s Home Affairs committee, Patrick Chauke.

Thousands marched against same-sex "marriage" in Cape Town on September 16.
Thousands marched against same-sex “marriage” in Cape Town on September 16.

The TFP organization in South Africa has been active in the opposing same-sex “marriage.” In December 2005, a controversial Constitutional Court judgment found that the common law definition of marriage in the Marriage Act of 1961 was unconstitutional. The measure has proved very unpopular in the country. A large coalition of pro-family groups, the Marriage Alliance, is calling for a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

“Defend Marriage and the Family: We say NO to Same-sex ‘Marriage.’ Change the Constitution to Protect Marriage,” read the TFP banner. Joined by friends and supporters, TFP President David Nash carried the TFP standard at the event. The TFP is also joining those who are resisting compromise measures that would propose civil unions for same-sex partners.

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