Fight to Save Traditional Marriage

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America Needs Fatima members in California worked hard to promote Prop 22, a proposition on the March 7 ballot, which guarantees that “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California,” and to save California from the horrors of same-sex “marriage.” Our Lady’s volunteers went out to the streets and to other public places to pass out thousands of “Why you MUST vote YES on Prop 22” fliers.

This flier explained several of the reasons why same-sex “marriage” must be prevented. The reasons were:

1. Traditional marriage is in accordance with natural and divine law.
2. The traditional structure of the family is indispensable for the proper development of our children.
3. Sodomy is a sin. Legalized same-sex “marriage” institutionalizes this sin.
4. If the state of California accepts same-sex “marriage,” other states will follow suit. [California is a trendsetter].
5. Once same-sex “marriages” are recognized in one state, other states will be pressured to recognize them under the full faith and credit clause of Article IV in the U.S. Constitution. Thanks be to God and to the energetic action of many Californians, same-sex “marriage” was rejected in the March 7th ballot and traditional marriage continues to be protected in that state. The Catholic Church has always taught us to speak out peacefully and legally against evil, and in this case, we see how vital it was!