Explaining the Hatred that Burned Down the Churches in Chile

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Explaining the Hatred that Burned Down the Churches in Chile
Explaining the Hatred that Burned Down the Churches in Chile

In our secularized age, direct satanic hatred against religion is not frequently manifested. Hatred of God is usually disguised as cold secularism or pretentious indifference. Such attitudes seem to be more in keeping with postmodernity.

Thus, I never thought I would see an eruption of incendiary hatred of God, like the incidents that happened on the weekend of Oct. 17-18 in Santiago, Chile.

This hatred targeted once again two historic churches located a few blocks from the epicenter of the protest demonstrations that began exactly one year ago. I say “again” because the buildings had already been seriously vandalized a few months ago, amid similar disorders caused by an ever more radical left.

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On October 18, both churches were destroyed. The world press spread images of them in flames, amid hundreds of madmen celebrating and applauding as the steeple of one of them collapsed. Had Dante seen these scenes, he would have used them to illustrate his description of Hell.

Two days after the fire, I visited the rubble of both temples. On the remains of the walls that remained standing, I saw rude obscenities, including a consecration to Lucifer written in bad Latin, followed by 666. It read, “In nomine de nostre Satanas Lucifer excelsi.” On the opposite wall was graffiti reproaching Our Lord: “Die, Nazarene.” A little further was “Satan approves,” referring to the October 25 plebiscite about the new constitution. All these blasphemies were mixed with more graffiti reviling the clergy, the Carabineros police and a call for “animal liberation.”

As I walked amid the ashes, I saw the remains of the Way of the Cross. Its disfigured and burned scenes, defaced with graffiti, seemed to recreate a new Passion amid a hell of insolence and brutality.

While videoing these scenes, I saw a modest man doing the same with his cell phone. As if to vent his consternation, he turned to me and said, “I baptized all my grandchildren here. God forbid they grow up like this!”

Leaving that apocalyptic scenario, I began to wonder: How could so many people have participated in this true satanic orgy? Where did this generation of Chileans come from? How could they have degraded themselves in this way?

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Little by little, answers came to my mind. These people grew up in an environment saturated with demands for ever more equality and freedom. They demand everything, immediately and forever. Successive socialist governments promised these things over the last three decades.

I immediately recalled an article by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, titled “The 4 Brothers.” The illustrious Catholic thinker argued that for there to be charity among these brothers, they would have to be unequal. Otherwise, he said no one could give anything to the others, nor would any of them have anything to receive from another. He concluded that charity can only be born from a brotherhood that comes from inequality.

These arsonists followed an ideology in which fraternity demands absolute equality. This ideology makes charity impossible because it cannot be practiced.

Where charity cannot exist, there is no place for God since “Deus caritas est.”

All these ideas came to my mind as I sorted out my impressions amid the smell of soot that impregnated my clothes.

Finally, I asked myself questions in light of Pope Francis’s latest encyclical Fratelli tutti: How can we think that we are all “brothers” when we concurrently propose growing equality as planned by international organizations?

How can we not see that the anarchist mentality that destroyed these churches is born from adherence to absolute equality? Can we not see that it necessarily relativizes private property and puts everything up for grabs?

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Is this spirit of rebellion not spread among this generation amid the abandonment of the Faith and the promise of equality and brotherhood?

Amid these musings, I seemed to hear a desperate, rebellious and blasphemous cry: “I will not serve!”

As seen on: Aldo Maria Valli

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