Combating “Civil Unions” in Vermont

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Responding to efforts by the Vermont State Legislature to effectively grant homosexual couples the same benefits as married couples, the TFP launched a sweeping nationwide effort urging Americans to voice their protest. Thousands of protest leaflets were handed out on the sidewalks of New York City and 150,000 were mailed to the TFP’s America Needs Fatima campaign members in Vermont and across the country.

Attached to each flyer were two cards, one addressed to the President of the Vermont Senate and the other to the Speaker of the State’s House Representatives, urging them to pass a constitutional amendment to safeguard the natural concept of marriage between man and woman.

Many answered this plea and sent protest postcards to the Vermont legislative authorities. According to the press reports, “literally thousands of mass-produced postcards calling for a constitutional amendment to defend God’s law and the American family from the ‘nightmare of same-sex marriage’ have been burying the offices of House Speaker Michael Obuchowski and Lieutenant Governor Douglas Racine” (Rutland Herald, March 31, 2000).