Catholics in New Mexico Take a Stand for God, Queen, and Country

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“We’re not just here to pray the rosary, but to grieve for the nation,” explained rosary rally leader Cesar Franco to a group of over forty Catholics gathered outside Santa Fe’s State Capitol Building on June 30.

Catholics in New Mexico Take a Stand for God, Queen, and CountryThere is undoubtedly much to cause grief. Coronaphobia and socialist legislation from COVID-19 lockdown are destroying the social fabric of our nation. Moreover, violent rioters are toppling Catholic monuments everywhere and working to destroy America’s rich Catholic heritage. All this is done in the name of racial justice. However, at the root of these actions is an attempt to destroy everything that represents Christian civilization.

That’s why the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) launched a nationwide campaign to pray the rosary in every state capital for the nation’s conversion and return to order.

A caravan of TFP volunteers traveled to New Mexico and set up its campaign banner, standard and honk signs for all to see. A statue of Our Lady of Fatima, which goes with the caravan, entered in procession to a center of the rally while participants sang “Immaculate Mary.”

Catholics in New Mexico Take a Stand for God, Queen, and Country“Ladies and gentlemen,” announced rally leader Cesar Franco, “we are those Catholics who were called upon at this moment in our history, June 2020, in the midst of this crisis and the unraveling of our country. We are called to stand in the breach, with our rosaries, the Blessed Mother, the angels and the saints and say ‘Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph.’”

Catholics in New Mexico Take a Stand for God, Queen, and CountryWhile the Catholics prayed with enthusiasm and fervor, locals passing by in cars began honking supportively. Several people offered lodging the next time a caravan would be in town. One man even applauded from his car as he honked supportively.

One gentleman expressed appreciation for the well-dressed caravan members. “I’m glad to see young men dressed in suits. It shows people that you take your work seriously. You look professional.”

Catholics in New Mexico Take a Stand for God, Queen, and Country“Oh my goodness!” burst out a Catholic lady. “So many well-dressed Catholic men! I love it! You don’t see anything like that anymore.”

Some people chose to reject the prayer campaign from the comfort of their cars. “Socialism rocks!” croaked an old man as he sputtered past. “I wish Hell existed!” yelled an uneducated liberal.

As the rally ended, the rally participants felt rejuvenated by the overwhelming support. They were ready to continue the spiritual fight for the Catholic Church and America’s return to order.

Catholics in New Mexico Take a Stand for God, Queen, and CountryRosary Rally in Front of Santa Fe’s Saint Francis of Assisi Cathedral Basilica

Always happy to do another street campaign, TFP volunteers held another Rosary rally outside Santa Fe’s historic Saint Francis of Assisi Cathedral.

While setting up, a woman in an approaching truck rolled down the window and angrily queried, “What are you doing in front of the cathedral?” When the volunteer explain that “We’re praying the Rosary,” the lady was relieved. “Oh, ok, as long as you’re Catholic,” she replied.

Catholics in New Mexico Take a Stand for God, Queen, and Country

During the rally, a few TFP members walked down the main street handing out a TFP statement against socialism.

Two families were pleased by the flyer and rally. One father took a flyer and responded enthusiastically “This is awesome. We’re from Texas. This is great!” The volunteer explained that the caravan had been traveling throughout the Southwest to pray for the country. The other father exclaimed, “Good job! If they can do their rallies [referring to the riots], so can we.”

One lady curiously took a flyer. “Oh, you’re TFP? I get emails from John Ritchie,” she said. She then pulled up a petition from TFP Student Action on her phone. When the volunteer mentioned the Rosary rally in front of the state capitol, the lady was surprised. “There was a rosary rally? I wish I could have been there.” Another lady was very touched by the campaigns “You men are a light in the darkness. I get so angry when I see how poorly these students treat you on campus. You give us so much hope.”

Santa Fe is not exactly a conservative city. Many people yelled objections and insults from their vehicles. When one particularly foul-mouthed man spewed out venom, the volunteer waved back, making the liberal more furious.

The caravaners were shocked by the venom of some remarks. “How dare you pray for this in front of the Basilica spreading hate!” raged another woman. “Stop spreading germs!” someone yelled. When a woman observed a sign saying “Honk Against Communist China,” she forgot about communism and blurted China is full of nice people! It’s a beautiful country, and you’re racist for being against China.”

Rosary Rallies for America

Upon receiving a flyer, once man stared at the volunteer and demanded, “How old are you?” “I’m 20,” the volunteer answered.  “And you are against socialism?” he asked incredulously. “Yes, I am. What’s wrong with that?” came the reply. “I don’t think that people should make up their minds until they are 30. How do you know you’re not going to change your mind later on?” the man asked as he handed back flyer and walked off.

Overall the campaign made a great impact on the city. It shattered the false consensus of public opinion that says everyone, especially young people favor socialism. May Our Lady, the Queen protect America from the virus of socialism, which is creeping into the country under many different forms.

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