Cardinal Zen: Situation of Church in China Worse Than Before

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Cardinal Zen: Situation of Church in China Worse Than Before
Cardinal Zen: Situation of Church in China Worse Than Before

Joseph Cardinal Zen, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong says the situation of the Catholic Church in China is worse than the times of brutal persecution of the fifties and sixties. In an interview with the TFP-associated media outlet, Polonia Christiana, the aged cardinal denounced a new Vatican agreement with China’s communist government.

The cardinal told the Polish news outlet that the reason for the worsening situation is the fact that the Church is following a faulty policy of appeasement.

“Why? Because the church has been weakened,” he said. “I’m very sorry to say the government has not changed, but the Holy See is adopting a wrong strategy. They are too eager to dialogue, dialogue so they tell everybody not to make noise, to accommodate, to compromise, to obey the government. Now things are going down, down.”

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The new agreement that is being prepared will give decisive power to the atheistic government in the choice of new bishops. On paper, the government will approve their elections at the bishops’ conference meetings. The Pope is then given the last word.

The 85-year-old cardinal denounced the arrangement as a sham that is fixed beforehand.

“I really cannot believe that the Holy See doesn’t know that there is no bishops’ conference! There is only a name. They never really have a discussion, meetings. They meet when they are called by the government. The government gives instructions. They obey. It’s fake.”

Cardinal Zen believes the yet unsigned agreement will only benefit those who want to destroy the Church. It serves to strengthen the hand of the communist regime while weakening those who have long resisted it. At the same time, the legitimate underground bishops and church members will be divided and thrown into confusion. He believes the suffering caused by the fake agreement will be worse than the clearly defined hatred of the brutal persecutions of the past.

The video of the interview in English with Polish subtitles can be seen below.


Cardinal Zen, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, tells, among other things, why the Chinese communists are afraid of Our Lady of Fatima, and why the same communists are not afraid of negotiating with the Vatican. Curiously not only unafraid, but pressing for an agreement with Rome.


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