Carbon Passports Wage a War on Traveling

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Carbon Passports Wage a War on Traveling
Carbon Passports Wage a War on Traveling

Liberals defending the ecological agenda are promoting a new tax to curtail carbon emissions known as a “carbon passport.” It works like the carbon credit system that heavily incentivizes individuals to offset the effects of their carbon footprints with carbon-absorbing projects.

The carbon passport would regulate individual travel based on global carbon consumption. The concept is a consequence of the Paris Climate Accords signed by 130 nations, which agreed to keep global temperatures at 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

The carbon passport idea would limit a person’s carbon consumption in travel to about two tons a year, down from the current average of four tons. This ration would be the equivalent of two round-trip tickets from the U.S. to Europe per year. To put this into further perspective, the average American uses about 16 tons annually.

The exact way these carbon passports would work is unclear. Carbon advocates propose various programs ranging from limiting travel by increasing the price of tickets to granting yearly travel allowances to all. Supporters of allowances claim they could be traded like stocks, thus bolstering the economy and generating personal revenue. Whatever their form, the result is the same: destroying people’s will to travel.

Such limitations would impact American life gravely. The average American flies 207 times during a lifetime. Carbon passports would hamper the ability to travel for business or visiting places.

All businesses would suffer because they would have to pass on the costs of increased travel prices and trade carbon credits. Smaller companies would be especially affected by this added burden as they would have to factor in additional costs previously not there.

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The most significant target of this campaign would be to reduce personal travel and visiting. This limitation would especially harm smaller countries that depend upon tourist revenue to survive. Carbon passports would discourage people from seeing the world since they would face new economic challenges. Such limitations would punish those without means and deprive them of one of life’s great joys.

Cultures everywhere benefit from outside input. Travelers on long missions used to publish their observations about different cultures to the benefit of everyone, including the cultures they visited. Works like Democracy in America by Alex de Tocqueville or The Travels of Marco Polo brought insights into the different nations. It helped the nations they visited to gain an insight to the outside world. These learning experience are good as long as it does not lead to a disdain for one’s own culture and the treasures God placed in one’s own locale.

Today, many people can share the experience of seeing foreign lands and come back to new and unique perspectives at a rapid pace. These technologies give all Americans easier access to travel, which encourages not only critical thinking but also a better understanding of all nations of the world.

Thus, traveling is important for the lifeblood of an educated populace. The idea that the average person can go on a plane and see countries that are so alien to their own for relatively low costs is truly amazing. The speed at which one can move between continents is unlike any other period in history. The improvement in transport has enabled hundreds of millions to share in this gift. Carbon passports threaten to stop this great benefit. These man-made hurdles will prevent millions of people from seeing and enjoying new cultures.

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One horrific outcome of this new scheme would be imprisoning people in their countries and stifling their chances to learn and grow from seeing other cultures. These carbon passports will only lead to a lowering in overall quality of life.

Since World War II, America has built a careful system of alliances that allows its citizens safe access to other nations. The socialist’s demands for these credits will harm all Americans and all countries of the world.

Thus, carbon passports should be rejected as another form of socialist legislation imposed from outside that limits the future of countless Americans.

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