Can Leftist Lies Discourage Vibrant Pro-life Movement?

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Can Leftist Lies Discourage Vibrant Pro-life Movement?
Can Leftist Lies Discourage Vibrant Pro-life Movement?

The progressive left hates the pro-life movement with a hatred that knows no bounds. On other issues, the left can brand the right as bigoted, uncaring, or both. Their pro-death stance on the abortion issue pins the lie to their whole empire of pseudo-compassion.

The abortion industry is anti-woman, anti-child, and anti-minority. Given the extreme violence and death inherent to abortion, arguing that it is kind or compassionate requires peculiar rhetorical gymnastics. All the pro-abortion people can do is to confuse the issue by claiming that the pro-life issue is backward and unpopular. One day soon, it will go away.

The Pretense of the Left

However, the facts do not cooperate with this liberal hope. The pro-life movement is not willing to retire from the battlefield; progressives can do little—except pretend that they will.

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They pretend well. Many allies are quite willing to help them. The “mainstream” media hope that they can spew enough anti-life propaganda to convince people that the pro-life movement is steadily shrinking and will soon disappear. The left constantly tries to write off the pro-life movement that refused to be written off. It is a strategy that has not worked for over forty years and has no future.

Religion Among the Millennials

One of the greatest liberal hopes is that the youth will abandon the pro-life cause. Progressives have high expectations for the millennial generation and especially the children of evangelicals. The reason is that these young adults have been brought up in this modern secular culture. The public schools have excised religion and pounded progressive ideas into their heads. Intolerance is supposedly the only sin in their world. Surely, the thinking goes, they will have progressed beyond the “fears” of their elders.

Alan Cooperman, director of Religion Research for the Pew Research Center, debunks many of these leftist dreams. In November 2018, he spoke at the Faith Angle Forum, bringing the results of his research. He was quoted by Samuel Smith of The Christian Post.

“They are [saying] the youth and young evangelical Protestants are much more liberal than their elders…. [I]t’s not true on abortion, and it is not true in terms of party identification…. [O]n things like environmental regulations, young evangelicals are more liberal on that. They are less antagonistic towards immigration.… But on abortion, the younger evangelicals are just as strongly, or even more strongly, opposed to abortion than older evangelicals.”

Evidence the Left Tries to Ignore

The startling truth is that the pro-lifers are becoming ever younger…and the pro-abortion activists are aging. Despite the power of the media, the pro-life movement is growing not declining.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people gather on the National Mall at the nation’s capital on or near the anniversary of the disastrous Roe v. Wade decision.

The March for Life is a dynamic event and should warm the hearts of the diversity crowd. Everyone seems to be there. The atmosphere is permeated with hope. Many young people are chanting and carrying signs. Many marchers are women, many with small children. Every ethnic group is well-represented.

Can Leftist Lies Discourage Vibrant Pro-life Movement?
The March for Life shouts that God is the Author of all life and His law must be respected.

Uniting these marchers is a basic idea—that innocent life must be defended and that God’s law must be obeyed.

Official Washington cannot ignore the march. Traffic is always clogged by busses with groups from around the nation, having driven through the night to march. Washington’s Metro subway system will be jammed by many more thousands riding in from the outlying stations where their cars are parked.

The March’s Message to the Left

This event scares the left. The size of the March amazes them. Many marchers come from great distances, spending their own money to travel and stay in the nation’s capital. Unlike the leftists, these marchers are orderly, do not leave trash in their wake or respond to provocation from the handful of pro-abortion counter-protesters that usually show up. The January weather is often hostile, and yet the march goes on, year after year after year.

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After the March, the participants divide to meet in smaller groups as they carry their concerns to the halls of Congress. The politicians know that every marcher effectively represents many more who find it impossible to march because of money, distance, job responsibility or physical infirmity.

The March for Life shouts that God is the Author of all life and His law must be respected. This movement is not fading away; it is growing and seeks victory. The left tries to write off the pro-life movement in vain. They should be honest with themselves, they know it is all make-believe.

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