Boldly Rejecting Abortion at Millersville University

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College students walking to and from classes on Monday morning, March 3, received a clear message: reject abortion and defend the unborn. TFP Student Action members invited students at Millersville University near Lancaster, Penn., to ponder the tragedy of abortion and shake off the indifference that permeates our culture.

Whenever TFP Student Action promotes traditional moral values, there is always lively debate and sometimes strange relativistic opposition. “Thank you for explaining your position against abortion,” said one student. “I am personally fine with abortion. But we’re both right. You’re right and I’m right,” she insisted.

“Wait a minute,” said a TFP volunteer, “how can we both be right? That doesn’t make sense. That’s a contradiction.”

Then, surprisingly, she said: “I know it’s a contradiction, but that’s the way it is. Don’t ask me to explain it.”

“But science affirms that life begins at conception,” continued the TFP member, “to kill that innocent life is gravely wrong. It cannot possibly be right and wrong at the same time.”

After a blank pause, she said: “I guess you’re right.” Yes, and I guess she’s wrong.

Cars driving by also participated in the campaign because a large sign invited them to “honk against abortion.” Many vehicles honked that afternoon, drawing more attention to the noble cause being defended. At the end of the day, lots of literature was passed out, and TFP volunteers had a sense of accomplishment, knowing that at least some minds were changed for the better.

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