“Bodies Revealed” Protest in Kansas City

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On Palm Sunday, nearly fifty supporters and friends of the American TFP gathered in front of Union Station in Kansas City, Mo. to protest the ‘Bodies Revealed’ exhibit. This highly offensive exhibit which places actual human bodies on display in various “poses” opened recently in Kansas City. The exhibit has caused quite a stir in the Kansas City area with almost daily letters to the editor in the local newspaper. The Catholic bishops in the two Kansas Cities (Kansas and Missouri) have taken public stands opposing the exhibit.

The protest took place to offer reparation for what sadly is a great offense against Almighty God by misusing human bodies created in His Image and Likeness. Another purpose of the protest was to help the public to understand the gravity of what is taking place inside the museum. Many people have seen the billboards advertising similar exhibits nationwide and yet do not realize that actual human beings were on display and not plastic models.

While the weather was unseasonably cool, it did not stop the enthusiasm of those gathered to protest. In response to claims that the exhibit is “educational,” a large banner read: “Education must take place within the legitimate boundaries of morality. Our nation has always, until now, respected the dead. What has happened?” As one protester commented to a reporter: “If you want to learn about human anatomy, take an anatomy course or go to the library, real human beings should not be put on display in mocking poses just for one’s morbid enjoyment.”

The protesters send a message to the museum: Respect the dead!
The protesters send a message to the museum: Respect the dead!

It was very sad to see families bring their innocent children to the exhibit. The poor victims on display could well have been someone’s parent or grandparent. Who would want to see a family member placed on display like that?

A number of people approached and asked why we were opposed. Some left re-examining their interest in the exhibit. Of course there were those few who have deeply imbibed the culture of death who proclaimed their wish to be put on such a display when they die.

One protester showed up as a result of a news broadcast announcing the protest that very morning. He said he was glad that someone was standing up to this exhibit and saying no. Another was in the area, saw the protesters, got out his rosary and joined in the prayers of reparation.

One protester who has a higher degree in a science field, said that when he took courses that involved the use of cadavers at a state university, the students were told at the beginning of the course that if they laughed or made crude or humorous comments that they would immediately be kicked out of the course. To what depths has society sunk?

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