The Myth of Our Immense Stability

The recent legislative refusal to put same-sex “marriage” on the Massachusetts ballot has prompted some to question the need to oppose any measures involving public morality. After all, they reason, life goes on regardless of the outcome. As one prominent … Continue reading

What the 2006 Elections Were Not

What the 2006 Elections Were Not While many discuss what the 2006 elections represented, perhaps it is better to discuss what the elections did not represent. The 2006 elections were not about voter satisfaction. They reflected unrest and uncertainty about … Continue reading

Finding Trans-Intolerance

It is a common argument among those promoting the homosexual agenda that any sexual behavior should be allowed provided it does not harm another. Those holding to traditional morality based on natural law should not be concerned since it does … Continue reading

Embryonic Stem Cell Delirium

Most have already seen the stem cell news stories. A handicapped person is shown in a wheelchair suffering from his malady. The picture changes to a laboratory where research is taking place. The message: embryonic stem cell research will cure … Continue reading

Rally of Reparation for Sony’s Da Vinci Code

When Sony Pictures turned The Da Vinci Code book into a movie, Americans nationwide responded with acts of reparation and protest. Now, after over 2,000 protests in front of theaters, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and … Continue reading

If Christ Is Not God, Our Salvation Is a Lie

In The Da Vinci Code, one finds the horrible affirmation advanced by one of its characters that Christ is not God but was deified by Constantine to advance a political agenda. This is supposedly “the greatest cover-up in history.” From … Continue reading

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