Moving God, Moving History

A Review of: To Quell the Terror, by William Bush There are times when history is seen from an all-too-human perspective. Granted, man is the principal agent in history. His great deeds and misdeeds fill the history books, blending fact, … Continue reading

Fatima: More Urgent Than Ever

Those who insistently promote Our Lady of Fatima’s message might be accused of giving it a forced sense of urgency. After all, it has been over ninety years since the apparitions and it might seem sensational to call this message … Continue reading

Keeping up the Pressure:

With all the uproar about the abuse scandals, it seems unbelievable that an open sacrilegious scandal continues at the Diocesan Museum of Vienna, Dommuseum, just across the street from the city’s magnificent Saint Stephen’s Cathedral. The blasphemous exhibit, titled: “Religion, … Continue reading

Beyond The Digital Divide

A huge geo-social gorge has suddenly appeared on the nation’s political landscape, and nearly everyone is talking about it. This strange chasm unites politicians of all parties into demanding immediate action. Educators, too, have placed it high on their agenda. … Continue reading

The Bigness Thing

Everything has to be big: We live in big houses in big cities, go to work in big cars on superhighways to reach our big businesses where we try to make big money.It’s no secret. Americans have a thing about … Continue reading

A Postmodern Meditation on Death

Of all Catholic meditations, none is more wholesome than that on death. Catholic authors like Saint Alphonsus Liguori wrote passionately and extensively on the subject; modern homiletics seems to avoid it like the plague. The topic remains ever timely nevertheless. … Continue reading

Flight from Temperance

Machines are ever more plentiful and useful, but something more important, more spiritual, is being lost One of the greatest influences of the Industrial Revolution on society was perhaps its ability to mechanize our lives. In a materialistic world, which … Continue reading

Only in America…

It must have been a sight to see. Our guide seemed delighted retelling the story of a man so awed by the ornate, seventeenth-century gilded carriage that he could not resist the urge. He just had to sit in it. … Continue reading

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