Land Reform and the Witch’s Weed

In Latin America, agrarian land reform is often proposed as a measure to distribute lands to the landless. It involves taking over large properties without just compensation and usually is an attack upon the right of private property. However, there … Continue reading

Assault on the Soul

While industrialization has brought material comfort in the form of technological gains, it is painfully clear that something spiritual is missing in life. Cold, lifeless materialism reigns supreme. If one thing characterizes the modern world, it is its uncanny ability … Continue reading

Reflections on a Soldier

There is something about a soldier that fascinates and attracts. I think it has to do with the soldier’s commitment and the fact that he puts his life on the line for a cause. Of course, not just any soldier … Continue reading

Showdown at Roy’s Rock

It is not the case to discuss the legal dispute surrounding the Ten Commandments monument at the state judicial building in Alabama. Chief Justice Roy Moore’s failure to comply with the federal court order is not the real issue. However, … Continue reading

The Christmas Marketing Disaster

Quite simply, success in marketing depends upon offering the right product to the right consumer at the right time. That is not always easy since the fickle consumer is constantly changing and the marketer must be ever-ready to adjust accordingly. … Continue reading

No Happy Ending for Abortion

In the early days of women’s “liberation,” many activists saw abortion as a necessary and even desirable component of the sexual revolution of the sixties. Freed from childbearing, women could engage in numerous relationships without consequences. However, like many of … Continue reading

After the Elections, Who is Keeping Score

After the Elections: Who is Keeping Score?Sports teams expect opponents to score against them. It is all part of the game. The important thing is to amass a steady string of victories to win the championship. The same logic that … Continue reading

The Errors of an Epoch

On a recent visit to Latvia, President Bush denounced the negotiations in Yalta, which abandoned Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union towards the end of World War II. He stated: The agreement at Yalta followed in the unjust tradition of … Continue reading

Krakow Says NO!

The city of Krakow would seem to be an unlikely place for a heated debate over homosexual “rights” and same-sex “marriage.” Poland’s cultural capital is situated in a conservative region in this overwhelmingly Catholic country. The city’s homosexual population is … Continue reading

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