About Fr. Raymond de Thomas de Saint-Laurent

Raymond de Thomas de Saint-Laurent, born in Lyons on May 7, 1879, descended from an ancient and noble family of southern France. Ordained in 1909, he led a very fruitful priestly life, quickly distinguishing himself as a preacher and writer and carrying out prodigious apostolic activity. Appointed to head the parish of Saint Perpetua in Nîmes a year after his ordination, he was named honorary canon of the Cathedral of Nîmes in 1920 and became chaplain of the Carmel of Uzès five years later. He served in the last two capacities for more than twenty years. A doctor of theology and licentiate in letters, Father Saint-Laurent published over a dozen notable books on psychological themes. Outstanding among these are The Dominion of Oneself, On Timidity, and The Progressive and Complete Method of Psychological Learning. His numerous spiritual works include The Book of Confidence, Suffering with Jesus, and Souls of the Saints. His Virgin Mary appears in English here for the first time. Father Saint-Laurent died in Uzès on November 11, 1949.

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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The Virgin Mary

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