Francis, Islamic Terrorism, Confusion

More than once I have had the painful moral obligation to address, in a critical but invariably respectful manner, statements and deeds by Pope Francis favoring revolutionary “social” movements in Latin America, rehabilitating liberation theologians and especially, diplomatically supporting Cuba’s … Continue reading

Francis, the Nuncio, and the Tyrant

In one of the most significant symbolic moves of Vatican Ostpolitik favoring Cuban communism, Pope Francis received tyrant Raul Castro in an ambience of mutual smiles and cordiality, shaking his blood-stained hands and asking the communist chieftain for prayers. This … Continue reading

The Obama-Francis “Axis”

Cuba, Sleights-of-Hand, and Confusion It is extremely painful to say it, but the boot with which Castro continues to crush Cubans on the island, now has a high-ranking endorsement. Unfortunately, the statements, deeds and gestures of Francis favor the oppression … Continue reading

Castroism without Castro

The Havana Archdiocesan Magazine Comes All Out in Defense of Castro In its magazine Espacio Laical (No. 230, May 2013), the Archdiocese of Havana has come out stronger than ever in defense of the Cuban regime and its nefarious Communist … Continue reading

Cuba and Vatican Diplomacy: Mediation or Rescue?

As the Vatican’s Secretary for Relations with States, Archbishop Dominique François Joseph Mamberti has just made an extensive five-day official visit to communist Cuba on June 16-20. Already on the first day of his stay, the prelate held a joint … Continue reading