August 1 – Downtown Albany, Rochester, New York

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The last days of campaign entailed the two caravans, that of Mr. John Ritchie and ours, joining up in Albany. We did a short campaign in the state capital under an overpass because of the intense rain.

The support was very good, but as after we finished a man drove up and said he planted something nearby that was going to explode. It was something of a bomb threat, but we were unable to get his license number.

August 1 - Downtown Albany, Rochester, New York

The two caravans, with a total of 17 TFP volunteers, drove together to Rochester. On Saturday we had two separate campaigns in different parts of the city.

Our caravan went south and campaigned in front of the Eastview Mall. At the end of the campaign a man in a pickup truck, who had honked earlier, pulled over to the side of the road. He approached us, shook hands with each volunteer and thanked us for what we are doing.

Scandalizing one of the “little ones”

Mr. John Ritchie’s caravan campaigned in the North. While there, they had two people approach them to complain about the homosexual parade and festival that took place in Rochester two weeks ago. One of them was a lady in a dress, who took the time to get out of her car. The parade passed right in front of her house and she described it as being “completely out of control”. I don’t think we have to be too imaginative to know what that meant.

This lady approached the volunteers and thanked them for what they were doing. After taking a flier, she got back into her car which was parked next to another car full of pro-homosexuals who were furious with our campaign. Not knowing their position on the issue she happily waved her flyer at them. They showed strong disapproval so she got out of her car and went over to proselytize them. The disturbing thing about this scene was her innocent little daughter who walked over and stood next to her mother. She was barely tall enough to see inside the car window. What she saw must have been disturbing. The homosexuals began cursing at the mother and making immoral gestures that were so obscene the mother had to take her impressionable child away from the car.

caravan2009-rochester4The “Little People of God”

What was most interesting these last days of caravan was the impact of 17 TFP volunteers eating together in restaurants and going in and out of our hotel rooms. It was a common sight to see heads turn and comments whispered among curious bystanders. It’s not every day you see 17 young men in suits and ties defending traditional marriage.

Last night we had dinner at Cracker Barrel. As we entered I noticed two couples with their mouths nearly hanging open. One of the men started a conversation with Mr. John Ritchie in which he explained our campaign. Like the lady earlier, this man also expressed disgust for the recent homosexual parade in downtown Rochester. Besides the marriage issue, they also spoke about a variety of other things such as embryonic stem-cell research and abortion. They were all consoled to find out that they agreed with us on every issue.

As we were all leaving the hotel this morning a man approached Mr. Chad Shibler.

“Why are you all dressed in suits and ties?” he asked.

“We are going to Sunday mass”, Mr. Chad responded.

Not accepting this reply the man, who had observed us the previous day, quickly retorted, “Yes, but you were in suits yesterday also”.

Mr. Chad then explained our campaign in defense of the Traditional Marriage.

“Oh, you were the ones out on the street yesterday”, he concluded joyfully. “I saw you.”

He then went on to explain that he is a cradle Catholic and that he also defends traditional marriage.

We are now making our way back home to Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. Everyone is in one piece despite the violence directed against us on numerous occasions. I must say that this campaign was an eye-opener for me. Although I had seen numerous videos of TFP members in many other states and the support they received, I was amazed to see it first hand; seeing, in this case, truly is believing.

Besides the thousands of honks we received, one could not help but notice how those in support received an enormous consolation at the sight of our colorful campaign in defense of the values they hold dear. Many people think they are alone in their conservative beliefs. What they need most is to see someone, anyone, speak up for the principles they love. Seeing TFP volunteers on the street corner is a confirmation that people who think like them truly exist. To take a person like that and put him or her at an intersection with a steady stream of honking cars, and that means a huge injection of HOPE for someone who might otherwise have thrown in the towel.

This is what I saw on the face of Cynthia, the black lady in Troy, New York. They are for me the “little people of God” who are lost in a big, bad world, looking for support and help. Her beautiful smile, which never left her face during the 15 minutes she watched the campaign, is proof that our efforts over the last two weeks were indeed successful. The enemies of God are dragging mankind towards despair, whereas the TFP strives to leave a golden trail of HOPE in its path.

Our Lady of Hope, pray for us!
St. Joseph Terror of the Demons, pray for us!

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