Aug 29 – Campaigning Even Before We Get There

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Our enthusiasm for the Rockies was still fresh in our minds until this morning, when they welcomed us with 40-degree temperatures. As we made our way to the showers, two Canadian campers came over to ask who we were, their interest piqued after hearing one of us play the bagpipes. After explaining our desire to wake California up to the dangers of the homosexual agenda, they commented, “Yeah! We know what you mean. The situation in Canada is enough to make us drop everything and move to the US.” Later, we met a local business owner who voiced his worries about raising his family in a country that publicly sanctions sin.

As we drove away, we reflected on the common traits of these seemingly ordinary people. All understood that when homosexual “marriage” is approved, an outright persecution of Christian morality is inevitable. They saw the situation in California as the key issue of our time, the outcome of which will weigh heavily on the direction the rest of the country takes. Lastly, it is moral issues, not economic ones, that concern and worry most people.

Aug 29 - Campaigning Even Before We Get There

We also encountered the other side of public opinion. As we passed Salt Lake City and its Great Salt Lake, we saw a large rock formation in a very flat area in front of the lake. Everyone agreed: “Wow! We need to climb that!” As we approached the 42-foot tower of rock, we saw a van and trailer similar to ours at its base, but occupants of a different kind. We ascended the rock formation, prayed a rosary, and sang We Want God, a hymn composed by Saint Louis de Montfort. Afterwards, when offered a flyer, the Goth-looking hippies of the other van swore at us, declaring that anyone can do whatever they want, be it homosexual “marriage,” and anyone or any program that tries to control people is unjust. They concluded their anarchist rant with the blasphemy: “God is dead. Satan rules!” We replied, “Saint Michael, pray for us!”

After leaving the Great Salt Lake, we entered the Salt Flats, easily the flattest place on the planet. Perfectly flat beds of salt, the remnants of dried-up lakes, extend as far as the eye can see. Again, we couldn’t resist and stopped to explore a bit. As we ventured out onto the monotony of white salt, the sun made what appeared to be a “circumhorizontal arc.” This rare, natural phenomenon happens when the sun lines up with ice crystals of cirrus clouds high in the atmosphere, producing a bright rainbow display.

From there the highway continued on through Nevada and into California, spending the night at a generous host in Sacramento. California at last!

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