Answers to 10 Common Media Questions

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Question: What are you doing here?

Answer:We’re doing a prayer vigil in reparation for the blasphemies in The Da Vinci Code. This is one of a thousand prayer vigils across the country, from Miami, Florida to Anchorage, Alaska.

Question: Isn’t it just fiction?

Answer: Actually, it’s worse than fiction —it’s blasphemy! God gave us imagination to honor Him, not to blaspheme Him. We must use our imagination to seek truth, to better understand God’s Creation and the dogmas of our faith. Dan Brown misuses his imagination to attack God and the Catholic faith. That’s why we’re holding 1,000 prayer vigils in front of movie theaters all across America tonight.

Question: Why is The Da Vinci Code blasphemous?

Answer:Our English word “blasphemy” comes from the Greek word “blasphémia”, meaning “to profane,” “to speak evil of.” Our English definition builds on this. So blasphemy means the mockery of God or holy things. The Da Vinci Code is blasphemous because it insults the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the dogmas of the Catholic Church. And, of course we shouldn’t forget The Da Vinci Code insults St. Mary Magdalene too. That’s why we’re holding 1,000 prayer vigils of reparation all around the country.

Question: Aren’t you giving the movie free publicity?

Answer: Yes, but there’s a big difference between good publicity and negative publicity. A protest is negative publicity, and 1,000 protests is a ton of negative publicity. Show me a man who likes protests outside his theater and I’ll show you a man who is going to go out of business. If Sony wasn’t concerned with negative publicity, why did it hire to two PR firms to do reputation management?

Question: Did you read the book or see the movie?

Answer:No, I haven’t. But I’ve read enough about it to know it’s blasphemous. I haven’t taken drugs, but I know they’re bad. I’ve never crawled into a sewer, and yet I know it’s filthy. The Da Vinci Code is blasphemous and that’s why we’re holding 1,000 prayer vigils of reparation across the country.

Question: Do you really think you are going to stop this?

Answer: We’ve already stopped some people from seeing the movie. And many more people won’t see the movie because of the protests. Because when people see us out here, they have to make a moral choice – for Jesus or against Him. And this stops people from going in. It’s not just fun any more.

Question: But it is just entertainment, isn’t it? It’s just a movie!

Answer: Ancient pagan Rome fed Christians to the lions and called it entertainment. Hollywood blasphemes Our Lord and the Catholic Church and calls it entertainment. In fact, The Da Vinci Code is just the latest blasphemy in a wave of blasphemies against the Catholic Church. It’s religious persecution packaged as entertainment. I’m here to say: It’s not entertainment. It’s blasphemy!

Question: Who’s organizing all these protests?

Answer:The protests – and there are a 1,000 of them tonight all across America – are organized by The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) and its America Needs Fatima campaign.

Question: So, you’re being paid to do this?

Answer:No, I’m a volunteer. I’m here because I’m Catholic and a member of the America Needs Fatima campaign. And like me, they’re many others all across America, holding 1,000 prayer vigils in reparation for The Da Vinci Code in front of movie theaters tonight.

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