America’s “Moral 9/11,” One Year Later

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Today, June 26, is the first anniversary of Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme Court’s tragic decision granting constitutional protection to sodomy and striking down laws in 13 states that criminalized this anti-natural behavior. The American TFP’s full page analysis of the high court’s decision published in The Washington Times on July 9, 2003 (click here) called it America’s “moral 9/11.”

The homosexual movement exulted with its victory and readily grasped its profound implications for society as a whole. In the words of Susan Sommer, Lambda Legal’s leading attorney in Lawrence: “The decision itself is a powerful legal tool… But even beyond what we can do with it technically as a legal precedent, which is quite a bit, it also simply changes the landscape, changes the culture, and reflects an enormous shift in this nation… This decision is a powerful sign of the sea change in this nation.”1

Indeed in this first year, basing itself on Lawrence, we saw Massachusetts’s highest court legalize same-sex “marriage.” We saw a Massachusetts legislature that it could not muster the courage to present voters in the Bay State with two simple questions that would show clearly the public’s true feelings on civil unions and same-sex “marriage.” We saw same-sex couples “marrying” illegally across the nation, with San Francisco taking the lead in this anarchical flare.

With every passing month, however, we also witnessed middle America’s growing rejection to homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.” Poll after poll registered the growing discontent. More and more Americans began to see what is happening: a handful of judges, seconded by liberals in academia and the media, are forcing a homosexual revolution on the nation.

These Americans sense the danger and are drawing a line in the sand. They see ever more clearly that not just traditional marriage is at stake, but a whole way of life. In state after state, signature drives to put constitutional amendments defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman amassed the signatures needed to qualify for the November ballot.

On Capitol Hill, efforts to approve a constitutional amendment protecting marriage are making headway, despite frenetic opposition from liberals and foot dragging by purists who seem more disposed to watch America sink beneath the waves than to overwhelm its fundamental charter with one more amendment – the 28th in fact.

We say today as we said a year ago in the wake of Lawrence: “We may or may not be able to reverse Lawrence in the short run, but we must work untiringly to create the moral climate whereby homosexuality is rejected. We must not be intimidated. We must voice our rejection loudly and firmly, legally and peacefully, in defense of Christian morals. Only such public voicing of our rejection of the homosexual agenda can ascend to Heaven as a worthy act of reparation to our offended God.”

America’s rejection of Lawrence is healthy. It is encouraging. If it proves lasting, it will attract such blessings from God, that nothing will be able to resist it. May God bless America!



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