A Farewell to Nancy Pelosi

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A Farewell to Nancy Pelosi
A Farewell to Nancy Pelosi

After the elections, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her exit from any leadership position in a dramatic November 17 farewell. The effect of this announcement is limited.

Until the lame-duck Congress adjourns, she will still be heading the charge to do as much damage as possible to the conservative cause. She will also continue to promote the leftist agenda when she returns to Congress as an ordinary congresswoman representing San Francisco.

However, an era is over.

The 82-year-old congresswoman spent 20 long years in House Party leadership positions, eight of these as speaker. This assessment of Nancy is not a personal attack. It focuses on the immense harm she inflicted on the country’s moral values. It recalls her outspoken support for Critical Race Theory, LGBTQ+ ideology, procured abortion, feminism and other causes.

Joy and Relief

The first sentiment one feels is legitimate joy and relief. She will no longer promote every leftist cause from her high office. She will not be the “Catholic” celebrity that scoffs at Church teaching and doctrine. It will take time to find a replacement with her stature and experience.

The pro-life movement should especially rejoice with the change. The iron-fisted speaker and mother of six promoted procured abortion at all phases of pregnancy with a fanatic’s zeal. Moreover, she wielded her power over all House Democrats to toe the party line. Under her regime, the blue-dog Democrat became extinct, and the party became one immense bloc in favor of the continued slaughter of innocents.

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Catholics also should rejoice. It is an act of charity to desire that someone no longer practice evil. It was afflictive to see Nancy describe herself as a practicing Catholic yet cause massive scandal by leading the charge to promote legislation contrary to what the Church teaches. It was demoralizing to see Church officials refuse to discipline her for her evil actions. With her departure from leadership, this damage will be diminished, although not eliminated.

Her passion for big government and spending also did not endear her to fiscal conservatives who join the celebration. Ignoring the economic fallout, she rammed through Congress massive spending bills laden with pork, fueling inflation, while nominally addressing infrastructure, COVID relief and health care issues, bringing the national debt to astronomical levels under her gavel.

Brazen Manner of Wielding Power

Her brazen manner of wielding power and theatrics reflected America’s much-lamented lack of civility. Again, this is not a personal attack but a commentary on her governing style. Who does not remember the disrespect shown on February 4, 2020, when she ripped up the text of President Trump’s State of the Union speech while standing behind him? Such antics are not models since everyone should respect authority regardless of whether one agrees with the officeholder.

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Many will recall her commentaries during the BLM riots that summer seeming to encourage the violence and not support the police. Her confrontational attitude favored the theatrical, the sound bite and the condescending. She disparaged the Culture War yet always threw her weight on the side of those attacking traditional morals. Her in-your-face ways showed no sympathy or sentimentality for those at odds with her agenda.

An Almost Admirable Determination

Had it been aimed in the right direction, her determination would have been admirable. She defined goals and showed the strength of will to pursue them. She was not afraid of controversy and knew how to confront opposition—even within her party. She planned for the long term with persistence and vision.

However, of what use are such qualities when employed to further leftist causes? Her determination became the scourge of the pro-life and pro-family movements that fought hard to defend morality. Her tenacity came to represent a stubborn will to destroy healthy reactions and traditions. Would that there were those on the right with the resolve to defend everything she so doggedly helped to destroy!

Nancy the Symbol

Any political movement needs symbolic figures to energize its grassroots. Mrs. Pelosi had the unique ability to symbolize her party’s platform at a glance. She was a Jacobin figure that personified the left and galvanized the right. The radical force of her presence defined the political spectrum and pulled everyone leftward.

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Some might draw comfort that her long mandate hints at a dearth of such figures on the left. As she leaves leadership, few Democrats under 60 have the force of personality to play this vital role.

Farewell, Nancy Pelosi! Those on the other side of your political, cultural and religious spectrum will not lament your departure. It is true that they greatly desire your conversion and pray for this. They regret the scandal you caused but make no personal attack. Instead, they—and millions of innocent unborn Americans who never saw the light of day—bear witness before the throne of God of all you have done against Him and His Divine Law.

Photo Credit:  Nancy Pelosi

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