2010 U.S. Regional Conferences

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2010 U.S. Regional Conferences
2010 U.S. Regional Conferences
Mr. Gustavo Solimeo speaks on The Essence of Socialism.


More than 90 people gathered to attend the 4th annual TFPAmerica Needs Fatima, Kansas Regional Conference on Saturday, May 1, 2010, in Topeka, Kansas.

The theme for this year’s conference was, “What Is Happening.” Our society is currently faced with serious moral dangers, more so now than ever before. The institution of marriage and the family are gravely threatened by divorce, promiscuity and the homosexual agenda, our brave armed forces are under attack by an egalitarian onslaught and our economy is seriously threatened by socialist laws.

10 Razones Por las Cuales el “Matrimonio” Homosexual es Dañino y tiene que Ser Desaprobado

It was very easy to relate to Mr. Solimeo’s talk on “The Essence of Socialism,” to the problems we are facing in America today as we see the unfolding of errors of Russia having undeniable consequences on our own soil. The next talk by Mr. Whitcraft on devotion to Our Lady, gave hope for a solution to these problems through Our Lady’s intervention. The crown jewel of the day was the rosary prayed together in front of the beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

The three presentations helped attendees understand the gravity, cause and the solution to these problems.

The first presentation, “To Keep Our Honor Clean” was given by Mr. Norman Fulkerson, author of An American Knight.  Mr. Fulkerson explained the irreparable damage that will be done by allowing homosexuals to serve in the military. He also encouraged all in attendance to distribute the official statement of the American TFP, “To Keep Our Honor Clean,” as much as possible.

The second presentation was given by veteran TFP member, Mr. Gustavo Solimeo. The title of Mr. Solimeo’s talk was, “What Is the Essence of Socialism?” Many in our society today are rightly concerned about the overwhelming socialistic trends we see today. Unfortunately, many have the impression that socialism is only concerned with economics. Mr. Solimeo demonstrated unequivocally how nothing could be further from the truth. Socialism is, as Mr. Solimeo explained, a synonym to Communism. Socialism desires to tear down all of the moral and social fiber of Christian Civilization. This certainly includes economics, but also religion, the family, education, morality, etc.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

After an enjoyable lunch, Mr. Bryon Whitcraft offered hope to the audience. Yes, our society is very markedly heading in the wrong direction, however there is hope.

Kansas 2.jpg
A repast enjoyed by the participants.

The title of Mr. Whitcraft’s presentation was, “Devotion to Our Lady, its Importance and What it Means in our Times.” His presentation was based upon the life and  reflections of the late Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveira, founder of the Brazilian TFP and inspirer of other TFP’s around the world.

Mr. Whitcraft commented upon the seven attributes of Our Lady that Dr. Plinio admired most. In addition to the comments that reflect the profound piety and devotion to Our Lady that Dr. Plinio practiced, Mr. Whitcraft explained with Dr. Plinio’s own words, how devotion to Our Lady demands action:

“In our times, what does service to Our Lady mean? It means saving souls by all possible legitimate means, among which we want to accentuate one: to take all things, to order them according to this spirit and to build Christian culture and Civilization. Because under a certain aspect, these are nothing but the disposition of things so that they reflect God in this life, and thus guide souls to eternal life. To be consecrated to Our Lady and to serve Her means to sustain, to promote and to defend culture and civilization from its opponents.”

Our Lady is our hope and we must do our part, however it is She who will triumph in the end with Her Immaculate Heart.

The conference ended with the Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.
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This one day event gave the opportunity to see old friends and make new ones. It was called “Watchman: What of the Night?” The Hawaiian conference took place on Saturday April 24, 2010, at the Pagoda Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii. The topics covered were “Suffering: Its Merits and Advantages for the World” given by Mr. Michael Whitcraft, “An Example of Catholic Fortitude: The Life of Col. John Ripley” given by Mr. Norman Fulkerson the author of An American Knight, and “The Coming Chastisement: An Expression of God’s Justice and Mercy” given by Mr. Michael Whitcraft.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]""""[vc_column_text]

Mr. Norman Fulkerson gives an overview of The American Knight
Mr. Norman Fulkerson gives an overview of An American Knight.


On Saturday, April 17, 2010, The TFP held a regional conference entitled, “Human Solutions Have Failed: The Fatima Moment Is Here!” at the Holiday Inn in North East Sacramento, California. The topics included: “In Fatima, Our Lady Denounced the Process of Destruction of Christendom” given by Mr. Michael Drake, “Book Launching: An American Knight,” given by Mr. Michael Whitcraft, “Where Does the Devil Want to Take Us? – A Snapshot of the Religious, Cultural and Political Crisis,” given by Mr. Luiz Solimeo and “Suffering as an Occasion of Grace and Conversion,” given by Mr. Michael Whitcraft.

Our friends pose for a photo around Our Lady in Sacramento.
Our friends pose for a photo around Our Lady in Sacramento.

Lafayette, Louisiana

On Saturday, March 20, 2010, Lafayette’s regional conference called “Understanding What Is Happening,” was a success. It was an opportunity to study two areas that our country grapples with more and more each day: militant Islam and Socialism.

The conference also took a look at the message of Our Lady at Fatima in this context. The talks were “In Fatima, Our Lady Denounced the Process of Destruction of Christendom” given by Mr. Michael Drake, “A Look at Islam” given by Mr. James Bascom, and “A Look at Socialism” given by Mr. Gustavo Solimeo.


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