2010 TFP Washington Bureau Open House

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Collin Hanna president of Let Freedom Ring speaks at Washington Open House
Mr. Collin Hanna, president of Let Freedom Ring, Inc.

As has been the tradition for a number of years, the TFP Washington Bureau hosted a soirée the day after the March for Life at our bureau in McLean, Virginia. Upon arrival, guests were welcomed with drinks and hors d’oeuvres, during which they became acquainted with our guests of honor: Prince Bertrand of Orleans and Braganza; King Kighela (of Rwanda), and Mr. & Mrs. Morton Blackwell. Also present were representatives from a few European associations who were in town for the March for Life: Droit de Naitre (Right to be Born) from France, and Voglio Vivere (I Want to Live) and Lepanto, both from Italy.

The centerpiece of that Saturday evening (January 23), was a succinct lecture by Mr. Collin Hanna, president of Let Freedom Ring, Inc., titled “The Nexus between Culture and Politics in the

Washington Open House
Guests discuss the meeting over cocktails.

Current Situation of the United States.” Mr. Hanna opened by observing that, as human beings, we are both rational and emotional, and to favor one to the exclusion of the other is a fundamental flaw. In contrast, he noted that truths characterized by the confluence of both may be defined as values, and the principal purpose of governments and politics is to promote values. Mr. Hanna made other insightful reflections: that the United States is a secular nation founded on Christian principles (values); that there exists a hierarchy within our founding principles of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and — as George Mason formulated it in the Virginia Declaration of Rights — property.

To grasp the nexus between culture and politics, Mr. Hanna exemplified with marriage, “the only sacrament that is also licensed by the state.” Why? Because “the state does have a legitimate interest in marriage”: that of having a stable society. As marriage is largely about raising children, it is “not appropriate for the state to redefine marriage so that same sex partners enjoy the same benefits” as married couples.
After closing his remarks by explicitly drawing the parallel between these values and Tradition, Family and Property, Mr. Hanna took a few questions, after which dessert was served, with guests still mingling and chatting late into night.

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